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Wiki Wednesdays: MIT / Sloan, UNC / Kenan-Flagler and the Yale School of Management Interview Reports

Welcome to another round of Wiki Wednesdays, where we highlight new and informative reports in the Clear Admit Wiki, an online repository of information learned by applicants throughout the MBA admissions process.  With a number of reports rolling in for MIT / Sloan, UNC / Kenan-Flagler and the Yale School of Management, those prepping for Round 2 interviews should have a hefty helping of questions to peruse now that applications have been submitted!  Let’s take a closer look at the lists of candidates’ interview questions…

A Round 1 candidate for MIT / Sloan addressed the following queries from an adcom member:

  1. Tell me about something at work you have been proud of in the last year.
  2. When were your expectations not met?
  3. What do you do outside work?
  4. Why do you want an MBA, why Sloan?
  5. What do you wish I’d asked?
  6. I’m meeting a lot of people today, what is going to make me remember you?

As for the UNC / Kenan-Flagler report, a Round 2 candidate noted that his interview was “blind” – meaning, the adcom interviewer only had his résumé, not his complete application – before sharing the following questions:

  1. [Tell me] about your current job and company.
  2. Why do you want an MBA and why Kenan-Flagler?
  3. What are you interested in focusing on while in b-school?
  4. What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

A second-year student posed the following questions to a Round 1 Yale SOM candidate:

  1. Why did you pick your university and why your major?
  2. Walk me through your resume.
  3. What extracurricular [activities] at Yale are you interested in? Who have you spoken to?
  4. Give me an example of time when you led a group through a difficult period. How did you motivate the team?

That wraps up Wiki Wednesdays this week!  As always, we extend our gratitude to those who have contributed to the Clear Admit Wiki this season.  Also, with a number of Round 1 decisions rolling out, we’d like to remind candidates that comparative cases could help fellow applicants at this stage of the admissions cycle.  If you would like to share your reasons behind your school choices or interview reports for the benefit of other applicants, simply create an account or send your reports to   Congratulations to those who submitted in time for the Round 2 deadlines and best of luck to those waiting for final decisions!

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Schools: MIT Sloan, UNC Kenan-Flagler, Yale SOM

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