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Send us your CV and we’ll give you a call to discuss your career goals, academic aspirations and your chances of attending a top program. Based on this discussion, we’ll determine if and how Clear Admit might be of help.

Once you become a client, you’ll have access to our inside knowledge of what schools are looking for. We’ll explain the criteria that schools are assessing – based on your background. You will not only learn what schools are looking for, but also how various schools compare to each other.

After you understand the way your file will be assessed, we’ll work with you to position yourself in an appealing way to each program. All of our clients fill out an extensive questionnaire that the Clear Admit team uses to craft a recommended positioning strategy. We’ll make sure you develop a plan for success – so that you can answer the vital questions about your career history, future goals and desire for an MBA. Finally, we will work with you to target the schools that best fit your needs.

Many great applicants miss the boat by failing to meet deadlines or rushing to put a file together at the 11th hour. The founders of Clear Admit have been there before – juggling work, applications and daily life – and we’ll show you how to set up a timetable to ensure that everything is polished and finished on time. Our clients are often shocked at the amount of work that goes into applying—which is why time management is so crucial.