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Meet Our Counselors

Members of Clear Admit’s team have worked as admissions officers at many top MBA programs, such as Wharton, Columbia, Booth, and Ross. They have reviewed thousands of applications, interviewed hundreds of candidates, and participated in key admissions committee decisions.  Clear Admit’s team members have also applied and gained admission to many of the top 10 business schools, including Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Chicago Booth, Columbia and Tuck. As a result, our Admissions Counselors have an intricate understanding of what is required to actually complete a successful business school application. Our methodology is designed not only to help our clients gain acceptance to their target schools, but also to guide them in skillfully navigating the process of applying. We also understand the pressures of applying to business school on top of demanding jobs and have tools and guidance to help our clients manage these trying months.




All Clear Admit admissions counselors are certified members of the Association of International Graduate Admissions Counselors (AIGAC).