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Silicon Valley Blog Features Clear Admit in Discussion of Entrepreneurship and the MBA

Silicon Valley blogger Marylene Delbourg-Delphis cited Clear Admit’s own Eliot Ingram in a recent post to her blog, Grade A Entrepreneurs. Delbourg-Delphis is a three-time start-up CEO – ACI/ACI US (now 4D), Exemplary and Brixlogic – and her blog, which launched in October, is capturing the attention of Silicon Valley.

In an entry last week, Delbourg-Delphis set out to answer a question she’s hearing a lot these days. “Probably because of the downturn, I have never been asked as often as this year if it is useful for entrepreneurs to have an MBA!” she writes.

She goes on to list several scenarios in which she thinks entrepreneurs might do well to consider earning an MBA. One such scenario, she writes, is if you are a foreigner.

“Going for an MBA at some point or another in the United States may accelerate your understanding of the American business culture,” she says, something the French native didn’t realize herself when she started her first company in 1987. “Had I thought of it, I think I would have considered an Executive MBA, which might have saved me some adjustment time,” she continued.

And then she cited Clear Admit co-founder Ingram, who reminded her of a Duke study that shows that more than half of Silicon Valley startups have one or more immigrants as a key founder. “Entrepreneurs from all over the world bring their creativity to this country,” Delbourg-Delphis writes. “MBA courses may ultimately help all of us speak a common language and belong to the same world of success. Why not?”

To check out Delbourg-Delphis’s new blog, click here.

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