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Wiki Wednesdays: UCLA / Anderson, NYU / Stern, Yale School of Management Interview Reports

Welcome to another round of Wiki Wednesdays, where we highlight new and informative reports in the Clear Admit Wiki, an online repository of information learned by applicants throughout the MBA admissions process.  This week, we’re setting the spotlight on UCLA / Anderson, NYU / Stern and the Yale School of Management as they are still distributing Round 1 interview invitations.

In California, a Round 1 applicant shared his on-campus interview experience at Anderson:

  1. Tell me about what you do now?
  2. Why did you choose your current position?
  3. What part of your leadership experience will be the most helpful at Anderson?
  4. Elaborate on your career goals.
  5. How will Anderson help you get to your career goals?

Back on the East Coast, a Stern candidate faced the following queries from a member of the adcom:

  1. What are three words to describe Stern?
  2. What do you like about NYU?
  3. If you got into all the schools you applied to, how would you decide?

The Sterns candidate also noted, “I did not get any questions on my application or essays. She had my resume in front of her and asked a few questions from it.”

Another Round 1 candidate recounted the following interview with a second-year student at Yale:

  1. “The questions were like ‘what do you think of this topic (related to your industry)’. I don’t think the question was meant to throw me off or test me, but a different way to understand my point of view (and, of course, to see if I am informed). Because I added in stories on my own, I think that precluded the interviewer of asking me ‘tell me about a leadership experience etc…’ Then, Why MBA/Why Yale/Post-MBA goals. Because Yale is a lot about fit, I think the Why Yale question needs to be sincere and when you ask questions at the end they should be thoughtful. You don’t want them to think this is another stop on your interview tour.”

In line with this candidate’s advice, applicants may want to conduct some research by checking out the school’s website, contacting current students or reading the Clear Admit School Guide for Yale School of Management in order to prepare a distinctive case.  Also, don’t forget to check out the Clear Admit Interview Guides for a bit of extra guidance.

That concludes Wiki Wednesdays for this week.  As always, we’d like to thank everyone who has contributed content to the Clear Admit Wiki this season!  If you would like to share your interview or campus visit for the benefit of other applicants, simply create an account or send your reports to [email protected].  Thanks for tuning in and best of luck!

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Schools: NYU Stern, UCLA Anderson, Yale SOM

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