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MBA Applicant Applauds Clear Admit School Guides

MBA applicant blogger ‘MissionMBA’ dedicated a recent post to reviewing the Clear Admit School Guide to Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. Referring to the guide as “a virtual visit to the school,” MissionMBA praised the publication for its in-depth research and described it as “the closest that you can get to a school [if] you are unable to visit.”

In his review, MissionMBA points out that the guide “delves deep” in its explanation of the various aspects of Fuqua, providing information on such topics as the highlights, history, career placement statistics and curriculum of the program. He further explains that the guide also includes a “special focus on things that make [the] Fuqua MBA different from all others” and “covers life at and after Fuqua . . . quite well.”  MissionMBA also recognizes the value of having highly objective information about Fuqua in one place: “Yes, most of the stuff . . . you can find if you go through the [Fuqua] site thoroughly, attend their admission-events and contact a number of students and alumni. But not all of us have the time and resources to do all this.” In other words, for the hectic life of an MBA applicant who works full-time, the Clear Admit School Guides do all the legwork.

MissionMBA wraps up his review of the Clear Admit School Guide to Fuqua by offering some final thoughts on the way in which the publication helped him, and he indicates that reading the Guide allowed him to understand the program and the school in important ways, without actually making the trek to the campus. In his opinion, his candidacy was enhanced as a result: “I am confident that knowing Fuqua in and out surely made some difference in my essays, which got me a call for the interview. Even in my interview . . . the alum interviewer looked quite impressed with my homework on the school.” With one last statement, MissionMBA summarizes his experience, saying “I’d recommend this guide to anybody.”

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