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Trivia Tuesday: Health Sector Management at Fuqua

It’s time once again for Trivia Tuesday, our regular exploration of the special programs and opportunities that differentiate the leading business schools. This week we take a peek into the Clear Admit School Guide to Fuqua, and share an excerpt on Fuqua’s Health Sector Management program.

“Duke University began offering healthcare education in 1930 alongside the opening of the Duke Hospital. In the more than three-quarters of a century since then, the Health Sector Management program (HSM) has evolved into one of the preeminent healthcare management education programs in the nation, alongside Wharton’s Health Care Systems major.  After moving first-year HSM courses to the business school in 1986, the HSM program became fully integrated into Fuqua in 1991. Today, the HSM program enrolls as much as one-fifth of each Daytime MBA class, making it the largest healthcare program affiliated with a leading business school.

Fuqua’s affiliation with Duke University and its location in the North Carolina Research Triangle area are major contributors to the strength of the HSM program. The Duke University Medical Center and Health System is a leader in biomedical research, education, and healthcare delivery, while the Research Triangle is home to approximately three dozen leading biotechnology, healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations, including well-known names such as GlaxoKlineSmith, Biogen, Novartis, Paradigm Genetics and Eli Lilly. The HSM program’s relationships with these and other area companies helps to keep students and faculty strongly connected to the rapidly changing healthcare industry while providing companies with inside access to a significant talent pool.

Students enter the HSM program from a variety of backgrounds, though most tend to have experience in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, research and development, provider systems or consulting. Though the program does not require prior health sector experience, it does look for a strong commitment to the healthcare field among all student participants.”

To continue reading about Fuqua’s Health Sector Management program, and to find out about the HSM application process, the HSM-specific curriculum, experiential opportunities offered within this program, and the course map HSM students follow, take a look at the Clear Admit School Guide to Fuqua.  All 18 Clear Admit School Guides are available for immediate purchase and download on the Clear Admit School shop.

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