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Trivia Tuesday: Starting off Strong at NYU Stern

It’s time again for Trivia Tuesday, our weekly examination of the offerings and opportunities that impact the student experience at the leading MBA programs. Although many business schools offer optional pre-term programs for enrolling students, NYU Stern goes a step further and invites selected applicants to a summer session of coursework prior to the start of the full-time MBA program. Let’s take a closer look at what Stern’s program entails and how it fits into the general campus orientation.

Stern’s Summer Start program allows a selected group of entering students to spend the summer on campus getting a head start on their MBA coursework. When considering students for Summer Start, the admissions committee looks for candidates who have strong communication and leadership skills, but could benefit from extra preparatory study before beginning the MBA. Some Summer Start students have been out of school longer than most of their new classmates, while others have worked in less traditional pre-MBA professions.

Admission to Summer Start is by invitation only; there is no way to apply directly to the program. Because the admissions office looks to fill the Summer Start program with candidates who are enthusiastic about Stern and the mission of the program, candidates invited to interview for Summer Start have an opportunity to decline the invitation. However, once a student has interviewed with Summer Start and received a formal offer of admission from the program, participation is mandatory.

The program begins in mid-July and runs for six weeks, earning participants six of the 60 credits needed for graduation. All enrollees take the core curriculum course Statistics & Data Analysis, and most also enroll in Management Communication & Collaboration as well as Conflict & Negotiation. Some students in the program also pursue coursework to boost quantitative knowledge and/or business writing skills, and the program organizes a variety of social and cultural events to introduce students to each other and to the city.

In late August, Stern brings all entering students to campus for their eight-day Pre-Term Orientation. During the Pre-Term Orientation, students begin making connections within the class, explore New York City, and participate in team building and case analysis exercises plus units on management communication and ethics. Other typical Orientation activities include career development programming, a barbecue and receptions, a harbor cruise and a trip to a Yankees baseball game.

For more information on NYU Stern, including campus life, the core curriculum, and the structure of each incoming class, be sure to check out the Clear Admit School Guide to Stern!

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  1. From a Stern alumni, I think this is a great service. Keep up the good work!

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