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Yale SOM First-Year Students Visit 16 Countries

The Yale School of Management (SOM) prides itself on its integrated MBA curriculum, which features a strong international focus. As part of this curriculum, each first-year SOM student studies one of several locations around the globe during the winter and spring terms before traveling to the country to experience the local business, political and cultural environment in person. In 2010, students traveled to 16 different countries.

Students this year traveled to Australia, Bangladesh/Malaysia, Brazil, China/Hong Kong, Costa Rica, Japan, Russia/Norway, South Africa/Nambia, and Western Europe. In each destination, they met with the leaders of banks, oil companies, stock exchanges and multinationals, as well as with nonprofits and governments. Additionally, several students followed local entrepreneurs as they worked to transform challenging circumstances into business opportunities.

The trips were structured around particular themes in each given region. In Australia, for example, students focused on healthcare. In China, the emphasis was on finance.  And in Costa Rica, students examined the role of eco-tourism. Other themes included the role of government in the economy (in Russia and Norway), operations (in Japan) and development (in Bangladesh and Malaysia).

In preparation, students devoted pre-trip winter sessions to studying the regions to which they were scheduled to travel. And as part of their spring State and Society course, they attended lectures and focused on relevant cases.

“Collectively we really got a great educational experience,” said Laura Rodriguez ’11. “It was an experience of a lifetime.”

For more on this story or to view a video of students’ experiences, click here.

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