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Free Clear Admit iPhone App Helps Prospective Applicants Manage Complex MBA Admissions Process

Clear Admit has recently launched version 2.1 of its MBA Planner, an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch designed to make it easy for prospective applicants to juggle the many moving parts that make up the MBA application process. This FREE app, available now for download at the iTunes store, features a range of organizational tools and detailed information about individual schools to help applicants save time and stay on track as they apply to multiple top-tier MBA programs.

The decision to apply to business school launches a time-intensive, complex process that involves conducting detailed research about target schools; connecting with students, alumni and admissions officials; and managing multiple deadlines, recommenders, transcripts and essays for each program on your list. The Clear Admit MBA Planner puts all of this information at an applicant’s fingertips while also providing live updates of news and developments at individual schools.

Using the Clear Admit MBA Planner couldn’t be easier. Download the app from the iTunes store, select your target schools and you’re on your way. The app’s To Do feature automatically generates a checklist of application components for each school. Meanwhile, the My Schools Dashboard provides each applicant with a customized snapshot of his or her progress, including a running countdown to each school’s deadline and a progress bar showing just how much of each application has been completed.

Beyond keeping applicants organized and on schedule, the MBA Planner also significantly reduces time spent researching target schools. Student demographic data, job placement and salary stats, essay questions and analysis – the app brings it all straight to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Clear Admit can also update information in real time, letting us notify applicants immediately with any changes to deadlines, admissions procedures or class profiles. Information is now available on the MBA Planner for more than 29 top MBA programs, with plans to add even more soon.

And though it won’t write your essay for you, the MBA Planner has been designed to simplify even that component of the application process. The app features a Notes field for each individual essay you’re working on for every school. So when inspiration strikes, be it on the train or when you’re walking down the street, you can jot down your ideas or even compose whole sentences and paragraphs. You can also record things you learn from students and alumni or questions you want to remember to ask admissions officials in a separate section for school-specific notes.

Finally, the Clear Admit MBA Planner helps keep track of the many contacts you’ll make as part of the application process. Admissions office contact information is stored as part of each school profile, and the app will also let you attach recommenders to each application by drawing directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch contacts. Likewise, you can also organize the contacts you make along the way according to school, helping you keep track of who you met where, what you talked about and any plans you made for following up.

To download the FREE Clear Admit MBA Planner or view a list of featured schools visit the iTunes store.

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