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Fridays From the Frontline

Welcome to Fridays From the Frontline, Clear Admit’s ongoing perusal into the b-school blogosphere. This week applicants were focused on the next steps in their applications while current students focused on preparing for class or celebrating the new year.

Mission GMAT
determined that it was time to focus specifically on his verbal abilities if he wanted a score of 750 or higher. GMAT Delhi found herself struggling after a disappointing prep test, but knew chocolate and television weren’t the answers she was looking for. After a few final touches, JM submitted his applications to Fuqua and Ross. LBiggs also submitted his last applications and wished everyone the best in 2011. Unfathomable recounted his struggle to focus on the GMAT when all he wanted to do was write essays. MBA Dreamz also sent out positive thoughts for all his readers in the new year while summarizing the highs and lows of his last few months. KT shared the progress he had made in regards to his novel and outlined his next steps if he doesn’t get off Chicago Booth’s wait list. Ellipser was exhausted from his recent round the clock essay editing and a last minute submission panic.

Babson ’12 Rocky encouraged his readers to consider the power of choice when looking at the benefits of an MBA program. Darden ’12 Patrick winged his way to San Francisco with other classmates for their technology trek. INSEAD ’11 V. enjoyed his first day of boot camp class, even if he still hadn’t figured out cell phone service. Darden ’12 Lily celebrated the new year by writing ‘1.1.11’ on all the paper near her and posed a few photographs from her recent trip to South Africa and Rwanda. IMD ’11 Howie welcomed the new year with 36 of his classmates, a six course dinner and appropriately festive hats. Kellogg ’12 Jeremy appreciated the recent freedom he acquired when it comes to course selection.

Darden ’11 Julie looked back on 2010 fondly and noted that much of her academic focus has been on recruiting. Kellogg ’11 Orlando created a new wall of assignments for a new quarter. Kellogg ’11 Shobhit expressed displeasure with an airline over their rather counter-intuitive method of redeeming vouchers. Classy Career Girl prepared herself to knock down her networking challenges. Kellogg ’11 DG contemplated how he might approach a business venture differently than his current method.

And that’s a wrap for this first Fridays From the Frontline of the new year. We hope you all enjoyed a fun, but responsible New Year’s Eve, and that your next week goes swimmingly. Until then, have a great weekend!

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