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NYU / Stern MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 1 / On-Campus

I interviewed on campus. The adcom is starting to get busy and I needed to wait a bit (about 15-20 minutes after my scheduled slot). My interviewer was extremely friendly and had a very positive vibe, which put me at ease. My questions were pretty straightforward (all were included on this page of questions, and I was well-prepared). Given that the interview is only 30 minutes or so, I highly recommend adding as many important details as possible into your responses without rambling.

  • How did you choose your undergraduate school? – I was a little surprised they asked this, considering I made the decision almost a decade ago. I also used the question as an opportunity to explain my major and how I enjoyed aspects of it that are similar to what I pursued after college and plan to pursue after my MBA.
  • How did you end up working for your first company after graduating?- I explained the similarities between my academic studies and my job, as well as my passion for the company and its principles.
  • How did you end up working at Company B (a more recent company)?- I explained how I secured my position, and that it reflected a progression closer to what I eventually want to pursue. I also used it as an opportunity to describe the rigor of my position and achievements during this tough recession.
  • Walk me through a typical day of your current job.
  • Why an MBA, Why now?- You should know the drill by now- this should be the first question you prepare for. I also used this as an opportunity to explain that Stern is best school for me to make my career transition.
  • If you were accepted to all your top business school choices, how will you make your final decision?- I reiterated that Stern is my #1 choice and that it was the best in terms of a range of factors. I gave relevant examples of almost all factors.
  • What resources would you use to make your professional transition?- I listed the most relevant examples and my knowledge of programs, activities and student groups.
  • What is a company you would like to work for? I had a few companies, but went into specifics about one.
  • What if you cannot secure a position like this? I described my flexibility to take on related career paths.
  • Any questions for me?

Overall, it felt like the interview flew by quickly. She said she was impressed that I knew so much about Stern already, so I am hoping this a a good indication. On the down side, I may have spoken to quickly and excitedly, but I really wanted to ensure I was adding enough detail to my responses (the interview is very short, so you have to make every response count). If you are a career switcher and/or have worked at two or more companies, be prepared to tell your professional story in different ways because they will ask questions that may chop up your nicely prepared chronological narrative. I also highly recommend attending recruitment events. I was able to speak about Stern programs more confidently and proved my enthusiasm for the school culture. Wish me luck!

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