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Harvard Business School Round 2 Interview Invitation Update

Harvard Business School Round 2 applicants who didn’t receive an invitation to interview yesterday can breathe easy – for the time being. According to a post by HBS Admissions Director Dee Leopold, while the school didn’t send any invitations out yesterday, there are still a significant number to come.

“Our plan is to send out some on Tuesday afternoon and more throughout the next week, up to February 16th,” she wrote.

Reiterating assurances she shared in an earlier post about Round 2 interview invitations, Leopold stressed that there are no hidden signals in the timing of when individual invitations go out. “There is no system – or hidden message – to the order in which interview invitations are issued, i.e. no connection whatsoever to the strength of your candidacy, time at which you submitted your application, geography, industry, etc.,” she wrote on January 26th.

On February 16th, applicants who have not been invited to interview will either receive an invitation to join the waitlist with the possibility of an interview invitation later or a denial letter, Leopold continued. And to those of you on the waitlist for Round 1, Eileen Chang will continue to send periodic updates, she wrote.

Acknowledging that she knows this can be an anxious time, Leopold pledged that her team will do its best to keep everyone up to date. She added that applicants are welcome to call her – even going as far as giving her number – but underscored that she won’t have any more specific information for people who call. “I will just be saying out loud what I’ve written here,” she said. (So it probably doesn’t do much good to call, does it?)

Best of luck to all the hopeful R2 applicants out there. And a big congratulations to any of you who have received invitations to interview already!

Don’t forget the Clear Admit Wiki, where you can share your interview experiences and learn from those of others. And the Clear Admit Harvard Business School Interview Guide, full of HBS-specific information on how best to prepare, what questions to expect, how the admissions team uses the interview as part of the overall application process and more.

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