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Harvard Business School MBA Admissions Interview Questions 2011

In the midst of interview season, we are accruing several reports from MBA candidates in the Clear Admit Wiki, a free resource for MBA applicants to review and share their experiences with the admissions process.  This week, a Round 2 candidate for Harvard Business School recounted the following interview experience with an adcom member:

“From start to finish the application process was grueling.. but all worth it because I received the admit! Throughout the interview my interviewer was very friendly. We started off with small talk about getting up to HBS. She briefly introduced herself, and then explained that we would have a half hour and likely not have enough time for questions. There was lots of follow-up questions/discussions based on how I answered initial questions, and a number of questions specifically tailored to my individual background.

  1. How did you end up at your company?
  2. General question about the company structure.
  3. Specific question tailored to my mistake essay.
  4. Give me an example of a project that you had a difficult time with.
  5. Your recommender mentioned that you are a top performer, why do you think that is?
  6. Leadership discussion spawned off my response to above question.
  7. How will you contribute to the case method?
  8. Tell me about a time when you had to work with someone who you did not get along with.
  9. What’s most important to you that you do outside of work?
  10. What would your supervisor say is a weakness?
  11. What book have you read recently?
  12. Questions or anything you want me to ask you/expecting to ask you?

Interview went well overall. Dillon house and all the interviewers’ offices are very stark w/ basically nothing in them. I expected the rooms to look like people actually worked there… just an unusual thing to note to make sure nothing throws you off! My interviewer did not “grill” me per se, but the questions were direct and clearly tailored to my application. My recommendation is for those who are prepping for their interview to read, re-read, and re-re-read your application so that you know it completely inside and out. You do not want to contradict yourself. Then come up with a comprehensive list of questions that you think an adcom would want to ask you based on your application. Use this site [The Clear Admit Wiki] and other sources (harbus guide is another good one — worth $35 or however much it costs) to develop the list. I used notecards to write down all the questions and practiced with a number of different people. Put in the practice and preparation so that you are polished (but not to the extend that you’re regurgitating canned responses). Don’t forget to SMILE and be yourself!”

To see more MBA admissions interview reports, check out the Clear Admit Wiki – a free resource with hundreds of real, documented interview experiences from b-school applicants. Also, if you’d like to help your fellow applicants by adding your experiences, please send us your interview field report and we’ll post it to the wiki. Finally, if you’d like even more helpful hints and detailed analysis on how to ace your interview, check out our line of Interview Guides, which demystify the most common questions asked by the leading programs and offer step-by-step guidance for a successful interview.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Clear Admit Wiki and best of luck to those undergoing admissions interviews!

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