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Wiki Wednesdays: Submit an MBA Interview Report for IESE, LBS, Georgetown / McDonough or Duke / Fuqua and Win a $10 Amazon Gift Card!

Welcome to April’s first installment of Wiki Wednesdays, in which we feature MBA interview reports that have recently been added to the Clear Admit Wiki!  This week, we’ve received new interview reports for schools such as Yale SOM, UVA / Darden and Northwestern / Kellogg.  Also, a Round 2 applicant to UCLA / Anderson shared this interview experience:

“Interview was with an alumni near me at a Starbucks. The atmosphere was very cordial and we ended up speaking for almost 1.5 hours. While the dialogue was very conversational, the mail questions were as following:

  • Tell me about yourself/walk me through your resume
  • Situation at work involving analytical challenge(plus lots and lots of probing questions)
  • Why do you need an MBA
  • What would you have done differently in your job if you could go back(very open ended)
  • Questions for interviewer

I could tell that the interviewer really wanted to see if I had done my research on Anderson and really left it open to me for questions. I’m glad I overprepared a question list which I thoroughly exhausted over the next hour. While some of the questions were tough especially around probing and analyzing the analytical problem challenge from work, it was very cordial and conversational in nature. I sent a thank you note followup a few days after.

Decision – Admitted. Good luck to everyone else and thanks for your posts which helped me a lot! In case you are wondering stats were 3.4 GPA and 700 GMAT with 5+ years experience in finance.”

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to the Clear Admit Wiki!  If you’re interested in sharing your experience, we’ll be awarding a $10 Amazon gift certificate to applicants that submit interview reports for IESE, London Business School, Georgetown / McDonough, or Duke / Fuqua through next Tuesday, April 12th!  All you have to do is send us your interview field report for the selected schools for inclusion in the Wiki and we’ll send you a $10 Amazon gift certificate.   You must send your interview report to [email protected] to be eligible; we’ll post it to the Wiki and notify the winners by e-mail (Limit: one gift card per person).

The most helpful and informative reports usually include the following information:

  1. Date/Admissions Round
  2. Description of visit and/or interview atmosphere
  3. Type of interview (alum vs. adcom, blind vs. application-based)
  4. List of interview questions
  5. Commentary (What did you think of the interview? What surprised you? What didn’t surprise you? What might you conclude about the school based on this experience?)

Applicants who would like to supplement the information available on the Wiki can check out our Clear Admit Interview Guides, which provide school-specific insight about admissions interviews.  Good luck interviewing!

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Schools: UCLA Anderson

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