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Fridays From the Frontline

Hello there and welcome to the latest edition of Fridays From the Frontline, Clear Admit’s weekly report on the b-school blogosphere. This week found many second year students nearly done with their commitments, if not outrightly finished. New applicants were beginning their journeys while first year students began to prepare for their summer internships.

Carl Incognito took five different GMAT practice tests and shared his main takeaways from the study experience thus far. BoB Winner Ellipser experienced his last day at work, though another job would occupy him through July. Mktg Badger joined the Fortune 800 crew and reported on her recent trip to HBS. Mukul shared the successful admission story of a friend who is on their way to MIT. Unfathomable was haunted by the Stanford ‘What Matters Most’ essay. Random Wok received a waitlist spot from Wharton. Rolipolli created a list of movies about business. Silent Warrior kept the faith. A disappointing GMAT practice test inspired Pyarapopat to create a ‘bucket list,’ which included actions such as sky diving and visiting the Grand Canyon.

Darden ’12 Jonathan saw the school wrap up its year and prepared to fly to Israel. Kellogg ’12 Jeremy designed a graph that charted his levels of tiredness throughout his first year of business school. LBS ’12 mbahut reflected on ways to improve the school without being too picky. Fuqua ’12 Wearing Blue was on her way to Beijing. MIT ’12 Paul posted a comic that illustrated his concept of what it means to be ‘lean.’

Haas ’11 Andrew tried to finish out his semester ‘with a bang.’ Kellogg ’11 DG only had 30 days of school left before heading back out into the world. Darden ’11 Brilliantly Titled considered advice from years past as he confronted the end of his b-school times. BoB Winner Orlando thanked his readers and encouraged others to blog their own school experiences. Harvard ’11 Military to Business conveyed the most important lesson the school taught him to his readers. Darden ’11 Julie experienced a moment of surrealism when her last official deliverable was turned in at nearly three in the morning.

And that concludes this week’s round up. We hope that students enjoy the last days or weeks of their semesters/terms/quarters, and taht the finer weather is putting all applicants into good moods for the upcoming application cycle. Until next week, have a great weekend!
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