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Fridays From The Frontline

Hello, and welcome to Fridays From the Frontline, Clear Admit’s regular romp through the b-school blogosphere. This week applicants and students were sharing all kinds of thoughts and experiences with their readers, from outlining what they were thankful for to economics jokes.

Strider shared his Kellogg interview experience. Ccatcher considered the drawbacks to sharing her MBA aspirations with her manager. Yours Truly pressed the submit button for his ISB application. While the holiday has now passed, Ms. HR wished all her readers a happy Thanksgiving. MBAdilemma outlined their GMAT journey and was pleased with a final score of 700. Unfathomable wrote about his looming GMAT exam, hopefully it was a success! Kruthika was not overly impressed with his GMAT score and planned to regroup.

Kellogg ’13 Night Owl shared a few of her favorite video advertisements. Though Australian, Tepper ’13 Julianne took a moment to wish her readers a happy Thanksgiving and shared some of the things that she is thankful for.

Continuing the holiday theme, Darden ’12 Darden Poet also reflected on what she was most thankful for this year, as did her fellow classmate Jonathan. Kellogg ’12 Jeremy prepared for final exams. LBS ’12 mbahut felt detached from campus, but considered it perhaps a good preparation for graduation. INSEAD ’12 V. celebrated holi in Singapore. GW ’12 Part-timer shared a slightly humorous economics website with his readers.

And that’s a wrap for this edition of Fridays From the Frontline. We hope that those in the States enjoyed their Thanksgiving festivities, and that everyone, regardless of location, enjoys a wonderful weekend!

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