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IESE MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 3 / New York Center / Adcom

I had my interview at the new IESE New York Center. This center is used for a various events at IESE from Executive programs, Short Open Programs, and many presentations throughout the year. Full-time MBA students can actually study for two weeks in NYC during their two year program. I have already attended a few visits here like Assessment Day and presentations from two IESE professors. This New York Center is a testament to IESE’s effort to expand in the US and globally.

As far as the interview, I was interviewed by Itziar and she was very easy to talk to.

Questions Asked in no particular order:

  1. Tell me how your friends describe you?
  2. Explain your resume?
  3. Tell me an example of when things did not work as planned and what did you do after?
  4. How do you explain leadership?
  5. Tell me a situation when you did not get along with your manager or colleagues and what you did?
  6. Why IESE?
  7. Why MBA now?
  8. Tell me about your childhood?
  9. What do your parents do?

Tips: Be authentic and try to have a conversation rather than an interview. I probably forgot some questions she asked me because it felt more like a conversation. I told her about my background and goals and she told me about her background. You should know why you want to go to IESE and how you can contribute to the community and be able to have examples for all questions. I will be attending IESE this fall 2012

Good luck!

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