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Fuqua Admissions Fellow Offers Advice to Prospective Applicants

In a recent post to a Fuqua Admissions blog, Kim Lambert, Admissions Fellow at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, offered some advice to prospective students, both in the Fuqua daytime MBA program and in the Master of Management Studies (MMS) program.

Basically, it’s important to understand the difference between an MBA student and an MMS student,  writes Lambert, and then apply the difference to your advantage. MMS students typically matriculate directly from undergraduate studies, compared to daytime MBA students, who usually have about five years of work experience when they apply, Lambert says.

Lambert, for her part, “encourage[s] incoming students to build their network as soon as they enter Fuqua. It’s a great gift for both Daytime and MMS students to leverage relationships across Fuqua,” she writes. At the same time as the daytime MBA Class of 2014 is coming straight from the working world, they will be able to share some of their experiences and professional contacts with MMS students. “Also, second-year Daytime students should remember that as they come back in the fall from their summer internships, they are an even greater career resource to the MMS students in terms of current job market knowledge and functional expertise.”

As Lambert points out, it is also important to remember that the relationship goes both ways. MMS students have recent, former classmates going into companies and focus areas of interest to daytime MBA students.

Connect directly with Kim Lambert for more insights.

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