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Forbes Ranks the MBA Rankings

In a column today, Forbes magazine took a collective look at all five of the big MBA rankings – its own, as well as those from Bloomberg BusinessWeek, the Economist, the Financial Times and U.S. News – and compiled the results into a “sort of Ranking of the MBA Rankings” for 2012. For prospective MBA applicants looking to make sense of the different rankings, the piece was useful for its succinct summary of the various methodologies each publication employs to arrive at its list.

Though, as the article stressed, they are in overly simple terms, the following provides a valuable cheat sheet to remind yourself which ranking measures which attributes of an MBA program (and, perhaps by extension, which results are most aligned with what you value most in a program).

– does a simple calculation of ROI 5 years out from business school.

Financial Times – bases 40% of the ranking on post-MBA salaries 3 years after graduation.
BusinessWeek – emphasizes the satisfaction levels of two core stakeholders: students and recruiters.
U.S. News & World Report – includes a survey of deans and MBA directors, and uses GMAT scores as part of student selectivity.
Economist – assesses the ability of the MBA to open new career opportunities, as well as the international make-up of the school.”

Today’s Forbes piece stressed a point that those of us here at Clear Admit like to make whenever we report the most recent rankings from any publication, which is that a school’s ranking should never be the most influential factor in your decision of where to attain your MBA.

In compiling its “MBA50 Premiership 2012” rankings, Forbes noted the strikingly consistent strong performance of Harvard Business School, the University of Chicago Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in 2012. “With only a couple of exceptions, these four schools fill the first four places in every ranking,” read the Forbes piece.

For the purposes of its MBA50 Premiership rankings, Forbes separated schools into four regions – the United States, Europe, Canada and Asia-Pacific – and calculated overall performance as an average of each schools ranking position across the five rankings.

View the MBA50 Premiership 2012 Rankings from Forbes.


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Schools: Harvard Business School, Stanford GSB, U. Chicago Booth, UPenn / Wharton

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