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NYU / Stern MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 2/ Ad Com/ On-Campus

My admissions representative was extremely friendly and personable. Similar to other Stern interviews described here, they gave me a packet of information and tee-shirt after checking in, and had a glass of water waiting for me in the office. The other admissions counselors coming out to greet their applicants seemed as equally friendly and welcoming as mine. I got the general sense that Stern isn’t trying to trip anyone up with their interview, but views it as a chance to learn more about the applicant and for the applicant to learn more about the school.

The interview was behavioral in nature and while the adcom rep referenced points on my application, he did not ask me anything already covered in the app. Here are the questions asked as best as I could remember:

1) Could you tell me about why you choose to work at XYZ after graduation?
2) Has that experience been helpful in your current role?
3) Tell me about what you’ve learned working at your current company?
4) What’s your role within a team?
5) What do you consider your greatest professional achievement?
6) What would your boss say about you?
7) What’s the best constructive criticism your boss has given you?
8) What do you want to do for your summer internship?
9) That industry is very competitive, how would you market yourself/convince someone to hire you?
10) Why Stern?
11) How would you be involved at Stern?
12) What do you hope to learn from your future classmates?
13) Questions for the interviewer?

To prepare, I would reflect a lot on your professional experience (current and past), learn a lot about Stern, and have solid answers about why you want to attend and how you would contribute.

NB: Don’t forget your official, sealed transcript. It really does seem to delay the decision process. I found out two weeks after my interview, rather than one.

Good luck!

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