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Trivia Tuesday: Kellogg’s Student Body

In this week’s installment of Trivia Tuesday, we turn our focus to the Clear Admit School Guide to Northwestern / Kellogg to learn about the school’s student body.

“Kellogg’s entering two-year MBA class is divided into eight sections of approximately 60 students each. The sections are most commonly identified by names that remain constant from year to year. Some schools name their sections by letters, others after famous business leaders or major donors, but Kellogg goes for the wacky, with sections named Poets, Jive Turkeys, Big Dogs, Cash Cows, Bucket Heads, Bullfrogs, Moose and Highlanders. Some students suspect that the names once indicated the kinds of students placed into each section (for instance, the liberal arts majors might have been in the Poets section, the finance professionals in the Cash Cows section, etc.), but today the sections are created with an eye to representing the diversity of the overall student body within each smaller group.

“Given Kellogg’s well-known emphasis on teamwork, it is interesting to note that they are one of the few leading business schools that does not assign incoming students to static study groups. Although the majority of assignments at Kellogg are completed through small group work, students are assigned to different groups in each of their courses. One student explained that because Kellogg students get to know each other so quickly and so well, it is less necessary to use study groups to facilitate first-year relationships and support systems. Many Kellogg students report enjoying the dynamic group structure, since students learn to work in groups with a wide range of personalities and perspectives, and with innumerable combinations of classmates. They feel this system closely mimics the situations they will encounter when they return to the professional world.”

To read more about the student experience at Kellogg, be sure to check out the Clear Admit School Guide to Northwestern / Kellogg. All Clear Admit School Guides are available for immediate purchase and download on the Clear Admit shop.

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