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Trivia Tuesday: International Study at Johnson

Welcome to this week’s Trivia Tuesday, in which we help applicants differentiate one leading MBA program from the next by highlighting the elements that set each one apart.  Today, we’re investigating the international opportunities available to students at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University, as detailed in the Clear Admit School Guide to Johnson.

“In the second year of the Johnson program, students may embark on an international exchange at one of 32 partner schools in 23 countries (see Figure 3.1). First-year students interested in studying abroad are encouraged to attend an information session held early in their spring semester. Ex­change applications are due early in the spring, with all as­signments soon after spring break. Johnson students par­ticipating in an international exchange pay tuition to Cornell University as if they were on campus; Cornell then covers all tuition and fees at the exchange institution. While studying abroad at a partner institution, students can earn either 12 or 15 elective credits toward graduation, though grades in ex­change courses do not count toward a student’s GPA.

 “Students who seek international exposure but cannot commit to spending a full term abroad may be interested in Johnson’s International Study Trips. On these trips, generally offered during winter and spring breaks and after the end of Spring Semester, students travel abroad to compare local businesses and subsidiaries of foreign multinational corporations in their target region, while also meeting with government officials, Cornell alumni and local business school students. The school maintains a roster of International Study Trips that are typi­cally offered, which include winter break trips to Brazil, India and four European cities; a trip over spring break to Colom­bia; and trips in May to Japan, Korea and Russia.

 “Johnson’s Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise also spon­sors a variety of international learning opportunities, inviting students to spend their breaks consulting on sustainability projects in emerging markets. In 2005, the center’s first group of Johnson volunteers traveled to Senegal, where they created strategies to improve the potential of ecotourism in the Parc national des oiseaux du Djoudj, a sanctuary for mi­gratory birds. More recent participants have created a tool to predict the manufacturing needs of the European and U.S. au­tomotive industries in light of new regulations for a global firm and helped a Mozambican producer and distributor of sustain­able products define a marketing and strategic direction for a new product line targeted at urban households.

 “In addition to these overseas study programs, Johnson offers a number of on-campus international management electives and incorporates international content into many of its core and elective courses. Students also have access to Cornell University’s many international learning resources, including its Language Resource Center and Full-Year Asian Language Concentration (FALCON), both of which offer intensive lan­guage instruction, and interdisciplinary courses of study on East Asia, Latin America, South Asia, Africa and the Middle East. These programs sponsor courses, lectures and other events on campus, as well as summer experiences and fellow­ships open to Johnson students.”

To read more about the school’s opportunities for international study, be sure to check out the Clear Admit School Guide to Johnson. All 21 Clear Admit School Guides are available for immediate purchase and download on the Clear Admit shop.

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