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Trivia Tuesday: London Business School’s Shadowing Project

In today’s installment of Trivia Tuesday, where we feature program elements that distinguish leading business schools from their peers, we’re looking inside the Clear Admit Guide to London Business School to learn about their Shadowing Project:

“Uniquely among the leading MBA programs, London Business School offers its students the chance to participate in a Shadowing Project, through which they gain a firsthand perspective on the daily duties of a high-ranking manager by “shadowing” that person for up to a week on the job. Students report that they benefit immensely from this exposure, which illuminates the skills they themselves will need to develop to succeed as managers.

“Before entering the workplace of their “shadowees,” students examine key studies and concepts in managerial behavior through their other courses, building a theoretical framework to help them assess the management situations they will witness during the project. After the shadowing period, students synthesize their observations in a graded report that objectively profiles the leadership style of their shadowee.

“To set up the Shadowing Project, students are expected to initiate contact with a manager of their choosing and arrange mutually acceptable dates for the shadowing to take place. While the task of contacting a high-level manager and
pitching the shadowing idea may seem daunting, LBS explains that gaining experience in harnessing the LBS network and one’s preexisting professional contacts is one of the project’s key takeaways for students. The Shadowing Project can be completed between January and May in either the first or second year. The actual shadowing need not occur over five consecutive days, so students and their shadowees may decide to schedule the shadowing dates around critical meetings or events that it would be most helpful to witness.

“Of the managers LBS students have shadowed, about 15 percent have been CEOs, 25 percent have been Managing Directors, General Managers or Vice Presidents, and 10 percent have held the highest-ranking finance post in their organizations. In addition to the more traditional shadowees at investment banks and pharmaceutical companies, students have also shadowed prominent figures in politics, symphony orchestra managers and, most unusually, the founder of an extreme sporting group, who was in Chile’s Atacama Desert at the time supervising a 250-kilometer footrace. More than one-third of students travel outside the U.K. to complete the Shadowing Project.”

To read more about LBS’s experiential learning offerings, as well as to obtain in-depth information about the MBA program and curriculum, be sure to check out the Clear Admit School Guide to LBS.  All Clear Admit School Guides are available for immediate purchase and download on the Clear Admit shop.

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