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Trivia Tuesday: Residential Housing at Cambridge Judge

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Hello again and welcome to this week’s Trivia Tuesday, in which we spotlight program elements that help distinguish the leading business schools from each other. Today we’re taking a look into the Clear Admit School Guide to the Judge Business School at Cambridge University to share an excerpt about the MBA program’s unique residential housing setup.

A distinguishing feature of England’s oldest universities, including both Cambridge and Oxford, is the residential college system. Under this system, every undergraduate and graduate student at the university is a member of a smaller college within the university, which provides its students with housing, meals and an extensive roster of social activities. Many students report that participating in college life, including attending the college’s formal hall dinners and making use of the college grounds, is one of the main highlights of their year at Cambridge.


Cambridge Judge students gain admission to a college only after being accepted to the MBA program, and students receive some guidance from the Admissions Office in selecting a few colleges to which they direct their applications. While the colleges have the final say in which students they accept, all Cambridge Judge students are guaranteed placement in a college by the time they are required to be on campus in September. Upon placement, Cambridge Judge students automatically become members of their college’s Middle Combination Room (MCR), a term which describes both the graduate students’ governing body and the physical common space available to them on campus, where students can hold meetings, socialize and play games.




Cambridge currently has 31 colleges, most of which accept MBA students (see Figure 4.1). The most popular colleges among business school students are Hughes Hall, Downing, Wolfson, St. Edmunds and Darwin, due to their proximity to the Cambridge Judge campus and their large populations of graduate students. Each college has developed its own quirks and traditions over the centuries; some, such as Hughes Hall, are known for being extremely competitive in athletic pursuits, and others, such as Pembroke, have a reputation for prizing academic achievement above all. Of particular note is Christ College, as the college’s Graduate Society operates its own bar and specializes in selling Belgian beers and Scotch whiskeys at low prices. Unsurprisingly, the college is a popular haunt for graduate students. Most Cambridge Judge students obtain housing and meals through their college. Many colleges rent rooms or flats that are located on college grounds, which gives students easy access to the college dining hall. Other colleges house graduate students in buildings located off college grounds, which puts students within a few minutes’ bike ride of campus. While college housing typically consists of a fully furnished private room with a shared kitchen and bathroom, many colleges offer additional accommodations appropriate for students who have families. As members of a particular college, students get a discount on meals served at their college dining hall.


To read more about opportunities available at Judge, as well as to obtain in-depth program and curriculum information, be sure to check out the Clear Admit School Guide to the Judge Business School at Cambridge University! All Clear Admit School Guides are available for immediate purchase and download on the Clear Admit shop.


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