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MBA Admissions Mashup: R2 Admissions Decisions, R3 News, Financing the MBA, and TeamFuqua

MBA Admissions Mashup

Every Wednesday, we share a round-up of the latest news from MBA admissions blogs at the top business schools. This week’s MBA Admissions Mashup focuses on R2 and R3 admissions decisions, financing your MBA at LBS, #TeamFuqua, as well as a look at a MD/MBA candidate.

Starting at noon today (EST), Harvard Business School will be making calls to R2 admits! Fingers crossed on positive news! Here’s a little insight into the waitlist that Dee Leopold posted on her blog: “In addition to offers of admission and notification of ‘releases,’ we’ll be inviting about 100 new folks to join the waitlist. This group will get detailed information about what to expect and when in a separate email from Eileen Chang.” Remember to head on over to MBA LiveWire to report your news! And, if you’ve consequently made a decision on where to enroll in the fall, check out MBA DecisionWire add your report.

Yesterday, UPenn / Wharton released admissions decisions, as reported on MBA LiveWire. In order to help you make an informed decision, the adcom posted information about upcoming campus visit opportunities. “We will be hosting events specifically for prospective female students, students coming from the military, and LGBT students. These full days of on-campus programming will include a class visit, lunch with current students, campus tour, overviews from departments including Wharton Leadership and MBA Career Management, and other specialized sessions.” A campus visit is a great way to help you decide on the right fit.

As for Round 3 admissions decisions at Michigan Ross, Soojin Kwon took to her blog to lay out their plan for the week: “This week, we’ll be extending interview invitations for our final decision round. It will include invitations to Round 3 applicants and some who were waitlisted without an interview in an earlier round.”

As if an MBA isn’t tough enough, Harvard Business School student Sofia Warner is also pursuing her MD. At Harvard, you can pursue both degrees with only one extra year in addition to medical school. “One thing I’ve really enjoyed so far at HBS is how much emphasis the school puts on cultivating leadership skills, like effectively managing teams, compared to medical school, where there is no formal training around these skills. I think this is really important and part of why MD/MBAs will be well poised to address many of the challenges facing American healthcare.”

Once you’ve received all of your admissions decisions, you have the tricky task of figuring out how to pay for it all. Perhaps you’re going to work right up to the last minute (and forego that trip around the world) and perhaps your target programs offered you with great scholarship monies. Either way, paying for an MBA is still complicated. The London Business School blog took to laying out how their MBAs pay for the program: “Approximately, 67% of our MBA2014 class received some form of financial aid. This included funding from loan schemes in the UK, US, Canada, France, Germany and Norway, School scholarships, external scholarships, grants for military service members and company sponsorships.”

Once you’re in business school, a major opportunity to cultivate is the network of future business leaders you’ll surely encounter throughout your journey. Amir Zur, Duke / Fuqua ‘17, reflected about how #TeamFuqua is alive and well and how it’s helped him grow. One of those reasons is the support from the second-year MBA community. “The first thing [second-year MBAs] do upon arrival is ramp up the club activities and recruit the first-year cabinet for each….Each professional club has its own timeline and specific milestones that are designed to help jump start the recruiting process for our first-year class and to guide us through every step of the way. In addition, the clubs host symposiums, conferences, workshops, executive speakers, and Fuqua alumni from a variety of backgrounds and industries. All of this is meant to reinforce our skillset, ignite our creativity and educate us on opportunities that we never knew existed.”

That’s all for this week! Good luck to everyone anticipating admissions decisions. Join us next week for the latest edition of MBA Admissions Mashup.

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