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HBS Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Adcom / Off-Campus

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I initially scheduled a Skype interview, but finally decided to fly to Dubai for an in-person interview, which is better for me as I was not sure about how convincing I seem on a webcam.  I arrived 20 minutes prior the interview as requested and the lady called me 1 min before the interview time, allowing me to enter the room and start on time.

The discussion started with 2 min news related topics and we jumped into a resume-based interview. The questions are below. Overall, the person was very friendly, no softball questions, but a lot of followup questions.

1. Tell me more about the real estate company you are working for.
2. How do you manage your subordinates remotely? (I work in South East Asia and have people reporting to me from Vietnam, Cambodge and China.)
3. Tell me more about the development project you have in Dubai.
4. Where do you plan to build your next projects?
5. What are the technologies you are using and most excited about? What are you doing differently than your competitors?
6. Do you invest in specific startup to find new material? What is the process?

(I am volunteering in an NGO that takes care of orphans and help connect with family willing to adopt them.)
7. How do you know different countries will suit those orphans?
8. Why will people use your platform as there are many safer government platform?
9. How do you manage your time between the NGO and your work?

(Question about my first job as a consultant at Deloitte)
10. You had great exposure during your time at Deloitte. What was the most difficult project?
11. Why did you leave?
12. Is there anything you hoped to add?

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