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MIT Sloan Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Adcom / Zoom

Interview was super fast, 20 minutes

Interviewer showed up about 5 minutes after scheduled time (it was the first time slot on a Monday) and seemed to be in a hurry. I never saw anyone introduce themselves so fast. It seemed I had hit the 2x speed button. But I tried to keep calm. First thing interviewer explained how interview was gonna be.

-Tell me about your new job (changed during application)
-Tell me about your data visualization (started to overlap with question 1, bc it was about my new job)
-Tell me about a recent accomplishment at your new job (as I only had 2 months there, it was exactly the same thing as the data visualization. argh too many overlaps)
-Tell about a time when you had to help someone at work (AGAIN overlap with the pre interview question on culture. At this point I think it’s on purpose or that I have a very poor memory hahaha)
-Tell me about a project when you had to deal with team conflict
-Why now and why mit
-Anything else you want to tell me about
-Questions? I made 2 and not sure the interviewer enjoyed them, felt like nope.

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