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HBS Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / AdCom / Virtual

The interview was for a prompt 30 minutes.

– Interviewer asked me about supply chain disruptions due to COVID. How has the economy changed your work life and that of your company?(answered him in 2 ways : 1) how demand was in flux due to people losing jobs and having no income to spend on phones 2) how we were trying hard to make products in spite of these disruptions – by working with 3rd party people, govt officials, opening factories at reduced rate and making sure that safety of workers were our KPIs)

– 2-3 questions related to work-related cross cultural experience. How were you able to navigate that and what did you learn?

– My previous employer/work experience. How were you able to lead cross functional teams and what did you learn?

– Final question was if I have anything to add. I mentioned 2 things (equality and giving back: talked about my mom’s experience and how that has made me sponsor education for girls and also my army experience).

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Schools: Harvard Business School

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