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UPenn Wharton Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Second-Year Student / Zoom

Team based discussion followed by a 10 minute interview with two questions: Why the MBA and Why Wharton?

Team-Based Discussion

Before the TBD started, we had about 10 minutes of small talk/introductions. My slot was for 5:15 pm. Once it started, the moderators (two second-year students) read out the instructions and acted as observers for the rest of the discussion. They also stated that we would be given a visual indication when we had 10 mins and 5 mins left.

We had 35 minutes for the entire conversation including the presentation. Initially, I was concerned as everyone seemed very talkative with some people assuming roles at the very beginning (timekeeper, leader, etc.), but it wasn’t too bad in the end. I did not have any trouble contributing and I tried to incorporate/build on other people’s ideas. I found the rest of the group were collaborative and no one seemed domineering. When we had 10 minutes left, we synthesized and even had time to have a mock presentation before the actual thing. I initially suggested we had two people present, but another group member suggested we all present (Hopefully my suggestion wasn’t viewed negatively).

After the TBD was done, we then had to go into break-out rooms individually. The two moderators each interviewed three candidates. I was only asked two questions: Why the MBA and Why Wharton? For the remainder of the 10 mins, I asked the interviewer a few questions. They did however, recommend that I stayed in the breakout room and interact with other candidates even though it wasn’t mandatory.

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