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Cornell Johnson Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Second-Year Student / Zoom

List of interview questions
1. Walk me through your resume. (I was cut off after a very short amount of time. I only got to mention my undergrad and one of my three jobs)
2. Why an MBA? Why now?
3. What attracts you to Johnson?
4. Do you feel you will be at a disadvantage going into consulting (I’m not sure why they thought this. It’s not my plan. The interview seemed very robotic and all questions were pre-planned rather than questions to learn more about me or expand on what I had said earlier.)
5. What’s your backup plan?
6. Tell me about an achievement you’re most proud of.
7. Tell me about a time when a project didn’t go according to plan.
8. Have you talked to any current students or alumni? What did you learn from them?
9. Are there any clubs that you would be interested in joining at Cornell?
10. Is there anything else you would like me to bring back to the ad-com?
11. Do you have any questions for me?

They let me know that I would hear back by the deadline (around the 1st week of December)

Advice for future interviewees? Prepare solely for the questions here on Clear Admit. They stick to the script and do not deviate. I don’t believe they had read my resume or application before hand. Most likely a few drop down answers from the application were used to create the questions to ask.

Note that there was an adcom in the room, but from what I understand they were there to give the 2nd-year-student feedback.

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