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Stanford GSB MBA Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Alumnus / Zoom

It was a stressful interview, no introductions or friendly banter. Interviewer outlined the format of the interview (40 min behavioral Qs, 10 min for 1-2 questions) then started right away. Each question probed deeper into my decision making and he even asked about the thought processes of peers and subordinates under me. It was stressful and he did seem to acknowledge that at the end. “Sorry for peppering you there” was his comment. Seemed like he was very interested to get to the core of my thinking. Only time for 2 stories. Overall, it was my most challenging interview, much tougher than HBS.

There were really only two questions that acted as catalyst for the stories:

1) Tell me about a time of leadership that you were most proud of.

– How did they respond?
– Why do you think they responded that way?
– Okay, but how did you know they needed that?
– What did you do day-to-day exactly?
– How did you measure the change of your impact on the team?

2) Tell me about a time you implemented something no one else thought of.

– Same style of probing questions


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