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Jan 17, 2017

Employer MBA Hiring Projections Suggest It’s a Great Time to Go to Business School

If you’re growing weary of all the MBA data forms and essays and interviews and anxiety—keep your eyes on the prize! That light at the end of the tunnel? Well, a recent employer poll from the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) suggests it just keeps getting brighter. Each November, GMAC... Read more »

Jan 10, 2017

MIT Sloan 2016 Employment Report Reveals Slightly Slipping Salaries

MIT Sloan School of Management late last week released its 2016 MBA Employment Report, revealing slightly slipping salaries year over year and slightly lower percentages of graduates heading into consulting and technology than in prior years. The pharmaceutical/healthcare industry drew the third largest percentage of graduates—5.8 percent—knocking investment banking out... Read more »

Jan 4, 2017

A Look Inside Tuck’s 2016 MBA Employment Statistics

Shortly after ascending to the top five in Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s latest annual ranking of best U.S. business schools, Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business released its 2016 employment statistics. Contributing to its strong showing in the Bloomberg BW ranking was the annual salary reported by Tuck grads. According to the latest... Read more »

Dec 30, 2016

UNC Kenan-Flagler’s Top 5 Reasons to Apply for Jobs During the Holidays

Taking a little time off never hurt anyone. But while many people use the holidays as an opportunity to relax and recharge, it also has become a sneaky-good time to start looking for a new job. Elizabeth Wallencheck, UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School director of alumni career management, and Kris Hergert... Read more »

Dec 30, 2016

Stanford 2016 MBAs Have Banner Year for Employment

Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business (GSB) recently revealed data that cemented 2016 as a banner year for MBA graduates when it comes to both employment and salaries, demonstrating how in demand the talent and flexibility of its graduates are in the marketplace. The mean compensation for graduating MBAs from Stanford’s most recent... Read more »

Dec 22, 2016

LBS Alumni Spotlight: The Retail Industry & Holiday Trends

Unlike the consulting, finance and technology sectors, retail has always been regarded as a safe industry for employment. That’s because no matter how bad the economy gets, the retail industry will never cease to exist as long as people still make purchases. And that’s especially true around the holidays. According... Read more »

Dec 20, 2016

Tech Hires Jump at Kellogg, 2016 MBA Employment Report Reveals

‘Tis the season for MBA employment reports, and one of the latest schools to share details about how its most recent class of graduates fared in their quest for jobs is Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management. Released in its entirety last week, the report shows a surge of graduates heading off... Read more »

Dec 15, 2016

McCombs Earns Top Honors at UNC Kenan-Flagler’s 12th Annual Alpha Challenge

For MBA students looking to head into investment management, pitching stocks is one of the top skills they’ll be looking to strengthen while in business school. The 12th Annual Alpha Challenge, hosted last month at the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School, gives participating students hands-on opportunity to do precisely... Read more »

Dec 15, 2016

A Deeper Look at the 2016 Michigan Ross Employment Report

The University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business earlier this month released its 2016 MBA Employment Report, and the results are nothing short of stellar. A staggering 98.4 percent of MBA grads earned a job three months after graduating, according to the report, representing a slight uptick from the previous... Read more »

Dec 14, 2016

MBA Admissions Mashup: Round 1 Decisions

Every Wednesday, we share a round-up of the latest news from MBA admissions blogs at the top business schools. It’s decision week at several of the top business schools that we cover, including Harvard Business School and Northwestern / Kellogg which released decisions today. We also have an employment report... Read more »

Dec 12, 2016

Inside the Career Treks at McCombs

An MBA program that spends all of its time and effort only in the classroom is one that may leave its students at a disadvantage. The truth is that it’s the hands-on and out-of-class experiences that often make the biggest impression on MBA students, and that’s exactly why McCombs School... Read more »

Dec 7, 2016

Clear Admit, Kelley School Co-Host Webinar on Defining Your Career Path

Last week, Clear Admit was pleased to partner with Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business to offer an informative webinar about how best to develop a career plan prior to getting your MBA. More than 100 participants signed up for the online event, which was led by Kelley Executive Director... Read more »

Dec 6, 2016

An MBA’s Career Journey at Indiana’s Kelley School of Business

Sponsored Content “Every MBA is running; they’re either running from their last job, or they’re running toward their next job.” – Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business For the vast majority of MBA candidates, they’re running from their last job, and they know why they quit—they didn’t like their boss,... Read more »

Nov 24, 2016

Top MBA Recruiters: Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is one of the largest and best known management consulting firms in the world. It has 85 offices in 48 countries, employs more than 12,000 employees and is consistently ranked as one of the best companies to work for. Just this year, Fortune Magazine ranked BCG... Read more »

Nov 15, 2016

FREE Webinar: How to Determine and Develop a Winning Set of Career Goals

What are your short-term & long-term career goals? Before you answer this question in your business school application essays and even during your admissions interview, you should think long and hard about your post-MBA career goals. Taking the time to develop sound goals, will not only make you a better... Read more »

Nov 8, 2016

Clear Admit Debuts New MBA Careers Section to Aid Prospective MBA Applicants

In our 15 years of engaging with MBA applicants here at Clear Admit, we’ve noticed a gaping hole when it comes to how well applicants fully understand their career goals and post-MBA options. Many applicants tell us they want to work in consulting, banking, technology…but when pressed, it becomes clear... Read more »

Nov 2, 2016

“Show Me the Money!” Say 2016 HBS Grads

What’s an MBA worth these days? Well, for the latest graduates out of Harvard Business School (HBS), total median pay topped out at $158,080—besting all other business schools yet to report employment data for the Class of 2016 and reflecting a 4.5 percent uptick over the $151,211 figure claimed by... Read more »

Sep 20, 2016

Starting a Career in Tech After Your MBA

When getting your MBA, it’s easy to get caught up in the herd mentality. With hoards of classmates heading off to meet with top consulting firms or pursuing careers in investment banking, it can be tempting to simply go with the flow. But while many business school students do choose... Read more »

Sep 19, 2016

Top MBA Recruiters: Apple

Okay, let’s take a second to think about something: How many Apple products do you own? Macbook Pro, check; iPhone, check; Apple Watch, check; the list goes on and on. Apple has created, produced and innovated such great products over the years that the company has really changed the face... Read more »

Sep 7, 2016

Tuck Shines a Spotlight on Its Many Joint/Dual Degree Programs

Students can take multiple paths with an MBA from Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business, but they can also combine the degree in creative and powerful ways thanks to a range of joint- and dual-degree programs that draw on the strengths of Dartmouth’s other postgraduate schools. This array of opportunities gives students... Read more »


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The Clear Admit School Guide to CBS looks great!! It is very well written, resourceful, accurate and concise. It tells you all the essentials because the facts are gathered from the admin, students, and staff. It also tells you things you won't find in any other MBA guide. Plus, it's really fun to read! Great job!

Feedback from a current Columbia student

I want to tip my hat to the team at Clear Admit that put these guides together. I'm a recent graduate of Wharton's MBA program and remain active in the admissions process (serving as an alumni interviewer to evaluate applicants). I can't tell you how important it is for applicants to show genuine enthusiasm for Wharton and I think the Clear Admit School Guide for Wharton captures many of the important details, as well as the spirit of the school.

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Even as a second-year student at HBS, I learned something about the school by reading the Clear Admit guide!...During the application process, I was successful partially because I learned as much as possible about each program before applying. Learning so much about every school was difficult - it required campus visits, web searches, and contact with current students. While no publication could ever completely replace those experiences, the Clear Admit guide comes awfully close.

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Smart MBA applicants are those who have researched the b-schools to find the right program for them. The Clear Admit School Guides provide an objective, thorough and insightful assessment of the different programs. They offer a unique comparative analysis of the top b-schools.

Review from Matt Symonds, QS World MBA Tour Co-founder

Applicants constantly hear that no two schools are alike, however, very little information exists where one can learn about these differences. Clear Admit does an excellent job in helping prospective applicants learn about individual schools through the School Guides, providing great information about specific schools in the context of how they compare to other schools on similar metrics.

Praise from Rosemaria Martinelli, Associate Dean, Student Recruitment & Admissions, Chicago Graduate School of Business

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