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June 18, 2024 9:53pm ET
Applying: Berkeley / Haas, Columbia, Duke / Fuqua, MIT Sloan, NYU Stern, Stanford GSB, UPenn / Wharton
Intake Year: 2025
Pre-MBA Career: Marketing/Client Strategy in Advertising Tech
Post-MBA Target Industry: Technology, Entrepreneurship Companies: Apple , Facebook , Google , LinkedIn , Microsoft
GMAT: 655
GPA: 3.3
Years of Work Experience: 3.5
Location: Bay Area, CA
Post MBA Location: Bay Area, CA

Hey Alex and Graham! Excited to finally be posting here. Been an avid listener of wire taps for 4 months now and thought Alex's comment about marathons in last week's episode was so funny. Hopefully I can get featured as well!

Bio: Born in Korea, moved to the US when I was young and now have US citizenship

College: Transferred after freshman year and graduated from a top 10 undergrad B School. I know GPA doesn't look horrible but a couple C's and even a D is some of my business courses like accounting/finance cause I didn't think those courses would matter for my career and didn't try though overall a positive trend in GPA and dean's list last 2 years all while doing in semester internships, a part time job as a lifeguard, and leadership roles in student gov

GMAT: Def will retake absolutely mediocre attempt (50 percentile quant and 99th DI lol)

Work: 8 month gap after grad because of covid and started at a smaller ad tech company where I was promoted after 5 months and worked on client media strategy
Left after a year and a half total to join a huge advertising agency to learn more about industry and gain hard skills
Hated culture, work, team and left after only about 9 months
Joined Fortune 10 company (not FAANG) in their high growth newly formed advertising/media tech company (~3.5 years old) working on client strategy and not a promotion but had a reorg that changed my title from specialist to manager after 7 months. Been here about 1.25 years at this point and will be staying until MBA

Extracurricular: co Founded asian employee group at 1st company, was selected to join leadership academy for asian employees at 2nd company, co lead of APAN erg at current company as well and board member of young alumni council for undergad
Was nominated for employee award in 1st company and won employee award for outstanding work at current company
DJ on weekends
Extensive travel 1st 2 jobs were completely remote so spent a lot of time traveling and working abroad currently at 60+ countries I think?. Recently started a travel blog/socials that I'm hoping to grow and monetize

Post MBA goal: work in a growth marketing role at a b2b saas company, hopefully in ad tech industry. Want to join early-late stage startup (series C ish). Long term goal: work more globally in late stage US startups looking to expand into new markets/countries (exec level growth/partnerships/go to market strategy)

R1 Strategy: Wharton/Lauder (still looking more into whether I'd be able to pass the language exam for Lauder), GSB, Sloan, Haas, CBS
R2: NYU, Duke, maybe Northwestern?

Would love to hear your thoughts!