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Clickers Increase Class Participation at Columbia Business School

Clickers – that is, individual classroom response devices – have become standard equipment issued to incoming students at Columbia Business School (CBS), the school reports. The use of a classroom response system began as part of a pilot program in fall 2008, and when it became evident that students were becoming more engaged in class as a result, CBS decided to make the program permanent. Professors are opting to use the classrooms response systems in a range of ways. Some seek to increase class participation by asking the entire class to answer questions related to class readings or lectures, either... Read more »

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Trivia Tuesday: Stanford GSB’s September Seminars

It’s time again for Trivia Tuesday! This week we’ll take a look at September Seminars, a special academic opportunity offered to second-year MBA students at the Stanford GSB. Before the start of Autumn Quarter classes, Stanford second-year students have the option of returning to campus early to participate in small, one- or two-week seminars. Conducted at the same time as pre-term for first-year students, these two-credit September Seminars give students a chance to explore a focused topic with a faculty member and a small group of classmates. The seminars cover a range of subjects, with recent topics including “Dynamics of... Read more »

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Former IMD President Returns to Harvard Business School to Teach

John Wells, who served briefly as president of Switzerland’s IMD business school, has returned to Harvard Business School (HBS), where he will once again teach strategy, the Financial Times reports. Wells, who was appointed to serve as IMD’s president in April 2008, left his alma mater HBS to take the post. But he quit in June 2010, and in December 2010 he was replaced there by long-term IMD professor Dominique Turpin. Back at HBS, Wells teaches the first-year core course in strategy and a second-year elective course in strategic agility. He also teaches as part of several HBS executive education... Read more »

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Admissions Tip: Navigating the Waitlist

While the past few weeks have seen a number of admits and rejections handed down to round one MBA applicants, the fate of many remains uncertain. There is no reason for waitlisted candidates to lose hope, as the top programs admit a fair number of individuals from the waitlist in round two and thereafter, but we know that cautious optimism does not make the wait for an answer any easier. To help those in this situation make sure that they’re doing all they can, we wanted to share a few waitlist tips: 1. Know – and follow – the rules.... Read more »

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Harvard Business School Admissions Director Offers Last-Minute Reminders for R2 Applicants

As Harvard Business School (HBS)’s Round Two deadline approaches, HBS Admissions Director Dee Leopold devoted a post yesterday on her Director’s Blog to some important reminders. She stressed to applicants that the deadline is NOON EST on January 11th, not 5 p.m. And it’s always better not to wait until the very last minute to hit “submit,” just in case the HBS servers experience delays or timeouts due to high volume. After you submit your application, you can expect an email confirmation that it has been received, Leopold writes. As far as letters of recommendations are concerned, Leopold’s team will... Read more »

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Fridays From the Frontline

Welcome to Fridays From the Frontline, Clear Admit’s ongoing perusal into the b-school blogosphere. This week applicants were focused on the next steps in their applications while current students focused on preparing for class or celebrating the new year. Mission GMAT determined that it was time to focus specifically on his verbal abilities if he wanted a score of 750 or higher. GMAT Delhi found herself struggling after a disappointing prep test, but knew chocolate and television weren’t the answers she was looking for. After a few final touches, JM submitted his applications to Fuqua and Ross. LBiggs also submitted... Read more »

Last Updated Jan 6, 2011 by

MIT / Sloan Round 2 Deadline Extended to January 7th

The Round 2 deadline for MIT / Sloan has been extended to January 7th at 5:00 PM Eastern.  Yesterday, an MBA applicant on the GMAT Club forum reported receiving an email from the MIT Sloan Admissions Committee stating that the Round 2 deadline had been extended to this Friday, January 7th. In a telephone call today, a representative at MIT / Sloan’s Admissions Office confirmed that the deadline for Round 2 applications has indeed been changed. Originally, the Round 2 deadline was scheduled for Tuesday, January 4th at 12:00 PM Pacific.

Last Updated Jan 6, 2011 by

Twitter Thursdays: News from MBA Programs

Welcome to this year’s first round-up of what’s happened on Twitter among the top MBA programs in Twitter Thursdays!  We’ve also created a list of MBA programs to ease your daily access to breaking news from the top MBA programs.  Plus, if you want to stay on top of Clear Admit’s updates, special prizes, admissions tips and breaking news, be sure to check us out on Twitter. Amidst gearing up for the Round 2 deadline, The Assistant Dean of UCLA Anderson MBA Admissions & Financial Aid, Mae Jennifer Shores, hosted an online information session for prospective students this week.  Jon Fuller,... Read more »

Last Updated Jan 6, 2011 by

Johns Hopkins’ Carey School of Business to Launch EMBA in May

The Carey School of Business at Johns Hopkins University, which launched its full-time MBA in 2010, will roll out an executive MBA program in May 2011, the Financial Times reports. According to the FT report, the new Carey EMBA will draw on the expertise of other Hopkins departments, such as medicine and public health, much as the full-time program does. The EMBA will also target a more eclectic student body that other more traditional EMBA programs. Hopkins hopes to draw this more eclectic student body in part through two unusual projects included as part of the EMBA program. The first,... Read more »

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GMAT Tip: GMAT Math Strategy – Think with your pen

Today’s GMAT Tip comes from our friends at Knewton.  In this post, they provide helpful hints on how to tackle particularly complex math problems.  Read on to see what they have to say! Here is a rather challenging GMAT math problem. Give it a shot: For every positive EVEN integer n, the function h(n) is defined to be the product of all the even integers from 2 to n, inclusive. If p is the smallest prime factor of h(100) + 1, then p is (A) between 2 and 10 (B) between 10 and 20 (C) between 20 and 30 (D)... Read more »

Last Updated Jan 5, 2011 by

Last-Minute Round Two Reminders from Chicago Booth’s Admissions Director

If you’re applying to the University of Chicago Booth School of Business in the second round this year, then you know that today is the application deadline. In a post to the Chicago Booth Insider admissions blog yesterday, Admissions Director Kurt Ahlm offered the following last-minute tips for round-two applicants. Applications must be submitted by 5 p.m. CST on Wednesday, January 5th. “Try not to wait until the absolute last minute to submit your application online,” Ahlm advised, since you could experience delays or timeouts given the volume of applications the school receives. Recommenders can submit their letters up to... Read more »

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Harvard Business School Students Tweet Their Experiences from around the Globe

Harvard Business School (HBS) students have headed off to destinations ranging from Brazil to Vietnam and everywhere in between as part of the school’s Immersion Experience Program (IXP), and prospective applicants can learn more about their experiences by following them on Twitter. IXP, part of HBS’s commitment to experiential learning, consists of off-campus student projects in destinations around the globe that give participants an opportunity to put into practice the key managerial ideas they have learned in the classroom. As part of IXB’s 2011 programs, HBS students will travel to Brazil, China, Haiti, India, New Orleans, Rwanda, Silicon Valley, Turkey... Read more »

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Trivia Tuesday: Supporting Public Sector and Non-Profit Internships at Harvard, Stanford and Wharton

Welcome to another edition of Trivia Tuesday, a weekly chronicling of the programs and policies in place at the leading business schools. Last week, we examined loan assistance programs that help MBA graduates in the public or non-profit sectors to repay their student loans. This week we’ll turn our attention to support for non-profit and public sector summer internships, a critical piece of the career development process for MBA students. In addition to providing an important career experience, the summer internship’s other purpose is to provide enough compensation for students to support themselves in another city over the summer while... Read more »

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A Look toward the Year Ahead for Business Schools

Happy New Year! And best of luck to all those applicants working feverishly toward the many Round 2 (and, for some schools, Round 3) deadlines that fall this week. You’re almost there! So, what will 2011 mean for business schools? It’s an interesting question that a piece this week on website PoetsandQuants set out to tackle. Among P&Q’s predictions for the year ahead in management education? The MBA job market will heat up again, international schools will attract increasing numbers of globally minded applicants and the GRE will make gains on the GMAT as a viable graduate management entrance exam.... Read more »

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Admissions Tip: Essay-Writing Difference Makers

We often stress that, to present oneself effectively in application essays, it’s critical to think carefully about what a given question is asking and what this might indicate about a specific school’s admissions priorities. Of course, it’s also imperative to communicate clearly and appropriately regardless of the target program or particular inquiry. As many applicants are feverishly putting the finishing touches on their essays for programs with deadlines this week and next, we wanted to offer a few general guidelines to keep in mind during that final revision.  Time is tight, we know, but a few small changes can make... Read more »

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GMAT Tip: Jump to Conclusions

Today’s GMAT tip comes from Veritas Prep.  In today’s article, they provide helpful tips on how to identify the conclusion of a Critical Reasoning argument. Read on to see what they have to say! We all know that a Jump-to-Conclusions mat is a horrible, horrible idea as a mainstream consumer product.  As a GMAT strategy, though?  Used properly, a Jump-To-Conclusions Mindset can be a valuable asset to you on Critical Reasoning problems.  Problems often ask you to strengthen a conclusion, weaken a conclusion, or determine an assumption necessary for the conclusion to hold true. In any of these cases, it... Read more »

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