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Columbia MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Alum / Off-Campus / RD

Dates – Submitted 11/13/2010, Interview Invite 12/20/2010, Interview Date 1/6/2011, Report Completed 1/7/2011, Accepted 1/11/2011 I emailed out to all 9 of my alum choices and went with the one who responded first. He told me to schedule the meeting with his secretary for after the holidays as I was invited to interview around Xmas time. I met him at his office, was asked to wait a few min by his secretary. I know a lot of people experienced casual interviews, but mine was definitely on the more formal side. He was pleasant though. Questions: Tell me about yourself (resume... Read more »

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Harvard MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 1 / Off-campus (phone interview) / Adcom / Admitted

I had my interview on the phone. The lady was really nice. Right at the start of the interview, she told me that there will be no time for me to ask questions and that she would take exactly 30 minutes. She did. I didn’t get many of the standard questions that I had read on this site or on others but preparation was definitely the key – I didn’t hesitate to answer questions and overall felt well prepared. Harvard prefers to do all its interviews via adcom rather than alumni so be prepared for someone who has heard all... Read more »

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Clear Admit Career Services Director Q&A: Pamela Mittman, NYU Stern School of Business

In the second installment of our Career Services Director Q&A Series, we connected with Pamela Mittman, assistant dean of career services and leadership development at NYU Stern School of Business. An alumna of NYU Stern’s full-time MBA program, Mittman brings both a student and alumni perspective to the role. Before joining Stern as an administrator more than 10 years ago, she worked in consulting and financial services. In her current role at NYU Stern, she oversees the recruiting process for all MBA students. Clear Admit: How do you view your role as Career Services Director? Is it to administer workshops?... Read more »

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Clear Admit Career Services Director Q&A: Regina Resnick, Columbia Business School

~ A CLEAR ADMIT EXCLUSIVE ~ It’s a new year, and we’re launching a new series here at Clear Admit. To kick off 2011 we’ll be sharing our exclusive interviews with directors of career services centers at each of the top business schools around the globe. In this new series we have asked a range of questions designed to help prospective applicants get a fuller sense of the career services offerings at each MBA program. As with our Admissions Director Q&A Series, we have asked the same questions of each director in order to give applicants the ability to make... Read more »

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Columbia MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Alum / Off-Campus

Dates – Submitted 10/06/2010, Under Review 10/22/2010, Interview Invite 12/06/2010, Interview Date 12/15/2010, Report Completed 12/15/2010, Accepted 12/23/2010 I scheduled the interview with an alum in my city. It was held in his office and the setting was informal. He put me at ease right away and the questions came up naturally in conversation rather than in interview style. Questions: Walk me through your resume Have you enjoyed working with people? leading to a conversation about my experience with working in teams. What did you do when there was a conflict in your team? Columbia students live and die by... Read more »

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