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Last Updated Sep 15, 2015 by

GMAT Tip: Three Tips for GMAT Integrated Reasoning

When the Graduate Management Admission Council introduced the Integrated Reasoning section a few years ago, it was in response to considerable business school feedback around evolving technology, changing student skill-sets and the need to continue adapting. Now with a few years of data available, schools are starting to determine how to best utilize this score data, so while the GMAT Integrated Reasoning section doesn’t fall nicely and neatly into the quant or verbal bucket, let’s break down IR since this section doesn’t look quite like the others. Familiarize Yourself with GMAT Integrated Reasoning Answer Formats and Types. Integrated Reasoning questions... Read more »

Last Updated Sep 8, 2015 by

GMAT Tip: Finding Your Motivation

If you ask any runner why they run, you’ll get a different answer.  Some run to lose weight while others run for the community and social aspect, but at the end of the day everyone has something that gets them up and out of the door when the conditions aren’t ideal (sadly everyday can’t be sunny with no humidity and with infinite amounts of free time!)  Running isn’t unique in this regard; the road to achieving GMAT success can be equally challenging especially if you don’t have some end goals fueling you every day. You likely have thought through many... Read more »

Last Updated Sep 1, 2015 by

GMAT Tip: Productive GMAT Preparation

Whether you’re a day or a month into your GMAT preparation journey, you know how important it is to have a plan and to be able to manage your time well.  If you start researching the GMAT online, chances are you’ll come across the following two questions pretty frequently: 1) When is the best time to take the GMAT and 2) How long should I prep? You won’t find a short perfect answer to either question here (or a truly-helpful short answer anywhere), but you will find some guidance to help you identify the best time to prepare and some... Read more »

Last Updated Aug 25, 2015 by

GMAT Tip: 3 Items to Leave at Home (and a Few to Remember) on Test Day

As you embark on your GMAT preparation journey, chances are you’ll meet new people who are on a similar path and build relationships based on your shared love/hate of the GMAT and your ability to commiserate with one another. It’s also pretty likely that you’ll develop some new and intimate relationships with some inanimate objects such as your Official Guide or timing devices. That being said, it’s equally important to take a break from some of these relationships on test day to ensure success. Let’s take a look at some things you should remember to pack…and others to leave at... Read more »

Last Updated Aug 11, 2015 by

GMAT Tip: Calculating GMAT Scores

1 + 1 = 2 except when it equals 3. Right? For most assessments, the process of evaluating one’s performance is pretty formulaic. Scores on most high school and university exams are based on the percentage of questions answered correctly. On the SAT (though changing in 2016), a student’s score is calculated by taking the number of correct responses, subtracting the number of incorrect responses multiplied by 0.25 and then using a lookup table to find a correlating score.  However, the GMAT has perplexed test takers for decades with its quant and verbal score scales of 0-60 and even less... Read more »

Last Updated Aug 4, 2015 by

GMAT Tip: 5 Things Current Undergrads Should Do Before Heading Back to School

As summer starts to wind down, many college students are frantically trying to squeeze in a few more weekends at the beach before heading back to the dorms and classrooms. But for anyone thinking about business school or a graduate management degree, there are some things you can do before graduation to help make the path to grad school a little easier. 1. Consider enrolling in “free” quant. Take a look at your current transcript and course load. If you’ve managed to make it through your undergraduate experience (intentionally or not!) without setting foot in the math department, you might... Read more »

Last Updated Jun 23, 2015 by

GMAT Tip: 3 Things to Know about GMAT Accommodations

For a long time, testing accommodations were something to be kept secret. Test takers didn’t want schools to know they received accommodations. The process to apply for accommodations was not well publicized, and misinformation about the required documentation and when it needed to be submitted was rampant. Today, we’ll provide some valuable information for candidates who are thinking about seeking accommodations on test day. To make the GMAT more accessible to test-takers with disabilities, the Graduate Management Admission Council provides the following accommodations: additional testing time, additional or extended rest breaks, allowance of a medical device in the testing rooms,... Read more »

Last Updated Jun 16, 2015 by

GMAT Tip: 3 Things to Know About Picking a GMAT Test Center

Last week, we covered five often-overlooked things to think about before you show up at your GMAT test center, one of which involved the location and accessibility of the place itself. This week, we want to drill down and offer some more pointers on the facility factor. Not all GMAT test centers are created equal, so read on for some quick tips to ensure you’re setting yourself up for success on test day! 1. Size Matters. You would never buy a car or house by just looking at a picture and name. You have to take it for a test... Read more »

Last Updated Jun 9, 2015 by

GMAT Tip: 5 Things to Consider Before Test Day

So you’ve decided that business school is for you, and you’ve taken the first step towards your graduate degree: you’ve signed up for the GMAT exam! Some folks might argue that’s the toughest part. Others might say it’s the preparation: do you sign up for test prep or commit to self study? Both are significant projects that, if executed properly, will result in a score that you can brandish on social media and brag about to business schools. There are, however, a handful of smaller things to consider and prepare for that you might not have thought of yet. Read... Read more »

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