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Last Updated Feb 20, 2012 by

Admissions Tip: Thinking About Financing

Though many business school applicants know exactly what they want to do – and how much they hope to make – after they graduate from an MBA program, a surprising number apply to school without thinking about how they’ll pay for this expensive degree.  While some students do foot the... Read more »

Last Updated Feb 13, 2012 by

Admissions Tip: Waitlist Correspondence

In addition to actively evaluating the applications of Round Two applicants at this time of year, many top programs revisit their Round One waitlists and consider the strength of those individuals with respect to the new information about the pool.  While schools vary in their receptivity to correspondence from applicants,... Read more »

Last Updated Jan 30, 2012 by

Admissions Tip: The Waitlist

What should an applicant do when placed on the waitlist at his or her dream school?  While most applicants regard the waitlist in a negative light (we’ve even heard it described as “a sort of purgatory prior to getting dinged”), the best approach is to view the glass as being... Read more »

Last Updated Jan 23, 2012 by

Admissions Tip: Choosing Between Schools

With the majority of schools having released their Round One decisions, many successful applicants will soon be facing the enviable – but often agonizing – decision of choosing between programs.  Though we know that those of you in this position will already be juggling an overwhelming amount of information about... Read more »

Last Updated Jan 9, 2012 by

Admissions Tip: Navigating the Waitlist

While the past few weeks have seen a number of admits and rejections handed down to Round One MBA applicants, the fate of many remains uncertain.  There is no reason for waitlisted candidates to lose hope, as the top programs admit a fair number of individuals from the waitlist in... Read more »