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Last Updated May 14, 2008 by

Clear Admit, ManhattanGMAT to Co-Host Free Info Session for MBA Applicants in Chicago

On June 19th, ManhattanGMAT, the nation’s largest GMAT-exclusive test-prep company, will open its Chicago Center to prospective MBA applicants for a free information session explaining the ins and outs of the admissions process. Clear Admit’s own Graham Richmond will lead the session, sharing admissions expertise gained in the seven years since... Read more »

Last Updated May 14, 2008 by

Wiki Wednesdays: GMAT Prep

Welcome to another edition of Wiki Wednesdays, where we highlight fresh and informative content from the Clear Admit Wiki! This week, we’re zeroing in on the GMAT page as many applicants are in the midst of preparation – and perhaps a little perspiration – for the test. Let’s take a... Read more »

Last Updated Mar 14, 2008 by

Double-Digit Growth in GMAT Testing Volume Continues

The Graduate Management Admissions Council, which owns the GMAT exam, has released its February 2008 test registration and volume figures, and they reflect continued growth both in the United States and worldwide, with international growth especially high. Worldwide, the number of people who registered to take the GMAT exam between... Read more »

Last Updated Mar 6, 2008 by

Admissions Tip: Planning for the GMAT

In our recent series of GMAT test-taking tips from ManhattanGMAT, we’ve discussed how to manage your time in the actual GMAT exam. However, today we would like to offer next fall’s “early bird” applicants advice on managing their preparation for the GMAT exam. Because GMAT results can play an important... Read more »

Last Updated Mar 4, 2008 by

Test-Taking Tips from ManhattanGMAT (Part 4)

Today we’ll conclude our ongoing series of GMAT test-taking tips, courtesy of our friends at ManhattanGMAT. So far, they’ve advised us about keeping our focus on the question at hand, knowing when a question has you beat and it’s time to move on, and making use of scratch paper. What’s... Read more »

Last Updated Feb 21, 2008 by

Test-Taking Tips from the Experts at ManhattanGMAT (Part 3)

Today we continue in our series of test-taking tips provided to us by the experts at ManhattanGMAT. Previous posts have stressed, first, the importance of the narrowing your focus to just the problem you’re working in a given moment and second, knowing when a problem has you beat and wisely... Read more »

Last Updated Feb 13, 2008 by

Test-Taking Tips from the Experts at ManhattanGMAT (Part 2)

In a blog post last week, we launched a series of GMAT test-taking tips, provided to us by our friends at ManhattanGMAT. Today we’ll continue with additional strategies designed to keep you focused – not flustered – as you navigate through the exam. Last week’s tip talked about the importance... Read more »

Last Updated Feb 7, 2008 by

GMAT Test-Taking Tips (Part 1)

Despite reports that some schools are beginning, quietly, to accept GRE scores as well, the GMAT still reigns as the king of business school admissions exams. As important as crafting the perfect essay responses or wowing your interviewer with your interpersonal skills is scoring as high as you can on the test.... Read more »

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