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Last Updated Nov 12, 2014 by

Duke Fuqua MBA Admissions Interview Report: Round 1 / Second Year Student / On Campus

We recently received a Duke Fuqua MBA admissions interview report from a prospective student. We have shared the questions they were asked below:  Walk me through your resume.Why did you make these career moves on your resume?What kind of a role do you take in a team?How would you deal... Read more »

Last Updated Nov 12, 2014 by

MIT Sloan MBA Admissions Interview Report: Round 1 / Adcom / On Campus

An applicant shares their MIT Sloan MBA admissions interview questions below.  I finished the interview!It went smoothly. My interviewer was very smiling and friendly.Questions asked were:Anything new since you submitted your application?What do you do as an auditor?How did you end up in (a different country)?How did you adapt?Tell me... Read more »

Last Updated Nov 10, 2014 by

Harvard MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 1/ AdCom

-How did you choose (your investment bank)?– How did you find (your private equity firm)?– Did you find (your area of interest) or did it find you?– What is your most proud accomplishment at (your private equity firm)?– What has made you successful at what you do?– You seem to have... Read more »

Last Updated Nov 5, 2014 by

MIT Sloan MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 1

Here is a summary of an MIT Sloan interview sent to us by a Round 1 applicant. She shares her MIT Sloan MBA interview questions below:  What has changed since your submission? What are you most proud of at your current job in the past year? Difficulties around getting something... Read more »

Last Updated Oct 27, 2014 by

Duke Fuqua MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Early action / Alumnus / Off-campus

I just finished my interview with an alum and it was exactly what I expected it to be… no curve balls. The interview lasted about 40-45 minutes and it was a friendly chat. I guess he had a list of questions on him that he needed to ask, but the... Read more »

Last Updated Oct 27, 2014 by

Columbia MBA Admissions Interview: Round 1 / Alumnus / Off-Campus

My CBS interview was very fast, in total it lasted around 40 minutes. I interviewed with a CBS alum here in Mexico. The interview was conducted in English. The first ~10 minutes I walked her through my resumé while she asked questions. Then she asked me “Why an MBA?” and “Why Columbia?”.... Read more »

Last Updated Oct 25, 2014 by

Dartmouth Tuck MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 1 / Second Year Student

My Tuck interview was with a 2nd year student who was very friendly.  He claimed it would be “conversational” style interview, but when I asked a question during the interview, he asked me to hold to the end. He was very focused on getting through a set of questions he... Read more »

Last Updated Oct 24, 2014 by

UPenn’s Wharton School to Send Round 1 Interview Invitations October 31st

The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School will send invitations to interview out to Round 1 applicants on Friday, October 31st, according to a recent post on the school’s MBA Admissions Blog. Applicants who snag one of these coveted interview spots will have an opportunity to take part in Wharton’s Team-Based... Read more »

Last Updated Oct 23, 2014 by

Wharton to Release Round 1 Interview Invitations on October 31

For those of you anxiously waiting to hear back from Wharton, your wait is almost over. Wharton announced on their blog that their invitations to interview will be sent out on Friday, October 31st. Interviews will take place during the month of November, and Wharton encourages invited candidates to interview... Read more »

Last Updated Oct 22, 2014 by

Submit an MBA Interview Report and Win a $10 Amazon Gift Card!

As interview season begins in earnest, we’re eager to hear more about your interview experiences! If you are interested in sharing your experience, we will be awarding a $10 Amazon gift certificate to each applicant who submits an interview report for any business school we cover.  All you have to do is send... Read more »

Last Updated Oct 14, 2014 by

Harvard Business School to Release Remaining Round 1 Interview Invites Tomorrow

For all those anxious Harvard Business School (HBS) Round 1 applicants still waiting to learn their fate, tomorrow will be a telling day, according to Managing Director of MBA Admissions and Financial Aid Deirdre Leopold. About 150 additional interview invitations will go out tomorrow, October 15th, adding to the roughly 800... Read more »

Last Updated Sep 15, 2014 by

Interview Updates from Harvard Business School Admissions Director

As anyone applying to Harvard Business School (HBS) knows only too well, Round 1 applications were due last Tuesday. As the HBS Admissions Committee has settled into reading applicants’ files, an antsy set of applicants has settled into wait. HBS Dean of Admissions Dee Leopold devoted a post on her... Read more »

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