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Disabling Ad Blockers

There are a variety of ad blocking extensions available for browsers these days, and while they are often highly effective at preventing users from seeing unsightly or annoying ads, they have a downside as well: breaking the functionality of some sites.

If you’re here, it’s likely because you received a message on our LiveWire page notifying you that the page won’t work properly with ad blocking software. Namely, you can’t view the comments associated with each result.

Most ad blockers make it easy to disable this on a page-by-page basis. If you’re using Adblock or Adblock Plus, this is relatively easy. Look for an icon in your browser. In Firefox and Chrome, these are usually near the top right of the page, like so:

adblock and adblock plus browser icons in chrome and firefox

In Safari, the buttons are more subdued and to the left of the address bar:

adblock icons in safari

Clicking those buttons will give you options like “Don’t run ads on this page”, “Pause Adblock” or “Enabled on this site” — clicking these will turn the ad blocker off for the current page you’re viewing.

Once you do that for, you should be able to view our full commenting system.

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