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Early Discount on MBA Admissions Consulting

Looking to work with us from start to finish on your MBA applications?  We’re offering special discounts on our comprehensive Clear Admit School Packages. The discounted prices will be available until March 1, 2015. For details on packages, click here or contact our offices. Please use the Pay Pal buttons below to purchase the discounted package that best suits your needs.

Packages purchased at the discounted rate can be used throughout the 2015-2016 admissions season (until June 1, 2016).

Note: Our comprehensive school packages are non-refundable, so only purchase the number of schools you need. When you click on the ‘Buy Now’ button, you agree to our terms and conditions.

One-school package savings of $350
Two-school package savings of $450
Three-school package savings of $600
Four-school package savings of $700
Five-school package savings of $900
Six-school package savings of $1100
Seven-school package savings of $1300

[pricing price=”3600″ currency=”$” title=”1 School Package” moretext=”Buy” url=”[email protected]&cmd=_xclick&undefined_quantity=1&currency_code=USD&amount=3600&item_name=Admissions%20Consulting%20%28Early%20Discount%20One%20School%20Package%29″ window=”new”]
[pricing price=”4800″ currency=”$” title=”2 School Package”  moretext=”Buy” url=”[email protected]&cmd=_xclick&undefined_quantity=1&currency_code=USD&amount=4800&item_name=Admissions%20Consulting%20%28Early%20Discount%20Two%20School%20Package%29″ window=”new”]
[pricing price=”5900″ currency=”$” title=”3 School Package” moretext=”Buy” url=”[email protected]&cmd=_xclick&undefined_quantity=1&currency_code=USD&amount=5900&item_name=Admissions%20Consulting%20%28Early%20Discount%20Three%20School%20Package%29″ window=”new”]
[/pricing_table] [pricing_table][pricing price=”7000″ currency=”$” title=”4 School Package” moretext=”Buy” url=”[email protected]&cmd=_xclick&undefined_quantity=1&currency_code=USD&amount=7000&item_name=Admissions%20Consulting%20%28Early%20Discount%20Four%20School%20Package%29″ window=”new”]
[pricing price=”8000″ currency=”$” title=”5 School Package”  moretext=”Buy” url=”[email protected]&cmd=_xclick&undefined_quantity=1&currency_code=USD&amount=8000&item_name=Admissions%20Consulting%20%28Early%20Discount%20Five%20School%20Package%29″ window=”new”]
[pricing price=”9000″ currency=”$” title=”6 School Package”  moretext=”Buy” url=”[email protected]&cmd=_xclick&undefined_quantity=1&currency_code=USD&amount=9000&item_name=Admissions%20Consulting%20%28Early%20Discount%20Six%20School%20Package%29″ window=”new”]
[pricing price=”10000″ currency=”$” title=”7 School Package”  moretext=”Buy” url=”[email protected]&cmd=_xclick&undefined_quantity=1&currency_code=USD&amount=10000&item_name=Admissions%20Consulting%20%28Early%20Discount%20Seven%20School%20Package%29″ window=”new”]

We are currently offering a discounted rate of $230/hour for Clear Admit’s hourly consulting services – with only a 1-hour minimum purchase requirement. This discount offer will remain available through March 1, 2015.

Hours purchased at the discounted rate can be used throughout the 2015-2016 admissions season (until June 1, 2016).

Please use the Pay Pal button below to take advantage of this offer and purchase consulting time via credit card. You may purchase time in 1 hour increments using the ‘quantity’ field to control the number of hours you are purchasing (e.g. if you wish to purchase 12 hours, select a quantity of ’12’).

[pricing price=”230″ currency=”$” title=”Hourly Rate” moretext=”Buy” url=”[email protected]&cmd=_xclick&undefined_quantity=1&currency_code=USD&amount=230&item_name=Admissions%20Consulting%20%28Early%20Discount%20Hourly%29″ window=”new”]

Note: After March 1, 2015 our standard non-discount rate will be $290/hour. See our pricing page for more information about billing and typical expenditures.