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Harvard Business School Interview Preparation

Given the emphasis that Harvard Business School places on communications skills (a vital element of the case discussion format that dominates the school’s curriculum), the HBS admissions interview serves as a critical step in the admissions process. Just as applicants pour hours of time into crafting effective application essays, it pays to prepare for your interview and be certain that you will be able to articulate face-to-face all the vital information regarding your candidacy.

Clear Admit works with you to develop your interview skills, to uncover the areas of your candidacy that are likely to be probed in Harvard’s ‘non-blind’ format and to ensure that you are 100% prepared to excel in this challenging process. We’ll also help you tackle the post-interview ‘reflection’ email that all applicants are required to submit within 24 hours of their interview. Our team of counselors is highly familiar with Harvard’s approach to the admissions interview, drawing upon first-hand experience as former admissions officers and upon hundreds of accounts from more than 10 years of Clear Admit interview archives.

For a limited time, Clear Admit is offering a unique HBS mock interview package for both existing clients and first-timers. The package combines an intense level of preparation and personalized service for just $999.


  1. An initial session to discuss the interview approach at Harvard and to provide a host of preparation steps you should be taking to get ready for the real interview. (30 minute phone session)
  2. A follow-up session to conduct a simulated interview for your target school. The interview is followed by immediate feedback on your performance along with suggested methods you might employ to present yourself more effectively. (60 minute phone session)
  3. A post-interview brainstorm to discuss the required ‘reflection’ email and to ensure that you understand how to craft a strategic response and make the most of your ‘closing arguments’ to the HBS admissions board.
  4. A ‘rush’ review of your post-interview ‘reflection’ email (conducted within the school’s 24-hour time frame) with detailed feedback on your execution of the letter.
  5. A copy of Clear Admit’s Harvard Business School Interview Guide. This guide includes dozens of sample interview questions along with detailed explanations of the best approach to commonly asked questions.
  6. A copy of Clear Admit’s Harvard School Guide. Our School Guide to HBS provides an in-depth look into every aspect of life in Harvard’s MBA program, allowing applicants to rapidly build their knowledge and go beneath the surface.

Our 2013-2014 rate for the HBS Mock Interview Package is as follows:

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If you have any troubles using PayPal, you may also call our offices at 215.568.2590 to pay via telephone. Once you have submitted payment, our team will be in touch to get copies of your application materials for the school in question and to set up an initial phone session.