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June 13, 2024 8:41pm ET
Rejected at UVA / Darden
Round: Round 4
Received via portal June 13, 2024
GPA: 3.85
Program Type: Deferred Enrollment
Post MBA Career Name: Other
Application Location: Houston, TX

From USA, went to T30 uni (STEM major), and my college program is ranked T5. I was an undergrad trying to skip deferred enrollment, except for two programs (Vanderbilt/UVA). I successfully obtained test waivers for 8 different T25 MBA programs. I have lots of successful start-up experience, full-time, before college with multiple internship experiences in Fortune 100 companies. I wish I could give away more but I do not want to get doxed :) . I decided today, after this final decision and going through the whole application process with waitlist offers and rejections, that the test waiver is a complete scam. It seems to benefit, particularly "under-represented" candidates, veterans (who actually deserve a waiver for serving our country), and those who have more than the average amount of work experience but not enough to get an executive MBA. To the OP, days ago on LiveWire, who applied to "Team Fuqua," I similarly share some of your grievances. For future applicants curious about what I did from my end, the interview at UVA went very well and I spoke with multiple alumni and people on the admissions team. I received an interview offer for all programs (except Michigan). One of my recommenders was also an alumnus of the uni and a senior manager at a Fortune 20 company. My essays were relatively good and some of the interviewers who had the opportunity to read them gave compliments. Also, I did not pay for any application consultants. I did use some advice from ClearAdmit + LiveWire + Leland Blogs + GMAT Club which was and will be helpful in the future. All I can do now is study (for the GMAT or GRE) a year later and do the process over again with a test score. WashU/UF would not even consider me and they are T40 programs. As I said, do not bother with the test waiver if you do not fit into the previous categories mentioned. Here is some extra advice for "non-under-represented candidates," Save your time and money doing something else and wait to take an exam. Good luck everyone and please DM me for any questions/advice. I am happy to help. It has been real LiveWire, see ya in two years.

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