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Admissions Tip: The Interview Final Touch

Over the last months, we’ve focused on helping applicants prepare to answer the various questions they’ll be posed during their interviews, but there is one in particular to which we have not paid much attention. Today, we wanted to offer a few tips in navigating the nearly inevitable interview finisher:... Read more »

Yale SOM MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 2 / AdCom / Skype

I recently completed my Yale interview with an AdCom. It was my first interview, so I was a bit nervous about it. I used this website to prepare and it was extremely helpful. Similar to most other people, it was a very friendly and relaxed interview. No stress, no drilling... Read more »

GMAT Tip: Breaking Down a GMATPrep Consecutive Integer Problem

Today’s GMAT tip comes from test prep firm ManhattanGMAT. In this article, they share helpful tips on how to solve consecutive integer problems.  Read on to see what they have to say! This week, we’re going to talk about what to know for consecutive integer problems and how to recognize... Read more »

Dartmouth / Tuck MBA Admissions Interview Questions 2011

Welcome to the latest edition of interview questions, as posted to the Clear Admit Wiki, a free resource for MBA applicants to share their experiences about the admissions process. This post spotlights the interview report as shared by a Round 2 Tuck candidate, who spoke with an alum. “I am... Read more »

Tuck MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 2 / Off-Campus / Alum

I am an international applicant, based in India. I applied for Tuck Round 2. I received my interview invite on 14th January. Interview was scheduled for 21st January with an Alum. We met at a coffee shop and the conversation lasted for an hour. It was conversational with regular questions... Read more »

Important Information for Prospective MBA Applicants Considering the GRE

As more business schools have begun to accept Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores as well as Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) scores as part of the application process, some prospective MBA applicants are giving greater consideration to taking the more general entrance exam. And to win greater approval by business... Read more »

Fridays From the Frontline

Hello and welcome to Fridays From the Frontline. Each week Clear Admit takes a good long look into the b-school blogosphere and sums up the goings-on of the past week. This week applicants were mostly waiting for news or studying for the GMAT, while students covered a broader swathe of... Read more »

Twitter Thursdays: News from MBA Programs

Welcome to February’s first edition of Twitter Thursdays, in which we set a spotlight on some of the top tweets from various MBA programs on Twitter!  You can also follow Clear Admit for MBA updates, special prizes, admissions tips and breaking news.   We’ve also created a list of MBA programs to... Read more »

Obtaining an MBA Bumps Earnings by a Third, British Career Survey Finds

A recent survey of more than 2,000 business school alumni found that earning an MBA increases earning power by a third, the International Herald Tribune reports. The 2010 Career Survey was conducted by the London-based Association of MBAs, an organization that accredits postgraduate business programs. It looked at MBA salaries... Read more »

Campus Chronicles: The Stern Opportunity

Welcome back to Campus Chronicles, Clear Admit’s weekly walkthrough of MBA student newspapers!  Flipping through The Stern Opportunity, it appears that many students are returning from international courses that NYU Stern offers over winter break.  Let’s take a look: Thirty-five full- and part-time Stern students traveled to Melbourne for the... Read more »

INSEAD MBA Admissions Interview Questions 2011

Check out these two interview reports as posted to the Clear Admit Wiki, a free resource for MBA applicants to share their experiences about the admissions process. This post spotlights the interview experiences as shared by an INSEAD candidate, who spoke with two alumni. “First interview: My interviewer is a... Read more »

GMAT Tip: Common GMAT Traps – The Ellipsis

Today’s GMAT Tip comes from our friends at Knewton.  In this post, they share advice on how to identify when elliptical construction is being used incorrectly.  Read on to see what they have to say! The term ellipsis, or elliptical construction, describes the omission of words in order to make... Read more »

Wiki Wednesdays: Submit an MBA Interview Report from UVA / Darden, Dartmouth / Tuck, or IESE and Win a $10 Amazon Gift Card!

Welcome to February’s first installment of Wiki Wednesdays, in which we feature the latest additions to the Clear Admit Wiki, an online repository where MBA applicants can share their admissions interview experiences.  Round 2 interviews are well under way now and over the past week we’ve received interview reports from... Read more »

INSEAD MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 2 / Alumni / Off-Campus

First interview: My interviewer is a senior associate / project manager at a large well-known consulting company. He went to undergrad in Europe, and was extremely nice and personable. The interview itself was very relaxed, and I barely felt like I was interviewing. It was very much a discussion to... Read more »

UCLA Anderson Admissions Director Wins Twitterer of the Year Award

Last week, the assistant dean of MBA admissions and financial aid at the UCLA Anderson School of Business was recognized for her tweeting as part of the 2010 B2B Twitterer of the Year (B2BTOTY) Awards, the school announced on its MBA Insider’s Blog. UCLA Anderson’s Mae Jennifer Shores was named... Read more »

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