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Last updated Fall 2018.

This school guide is designed to help you succeed in your application to the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business by presenting everything you need to know about the school in a concise and relevant format.  This guide includes side-by-side, data-driven comparisons with other MBA programs across a range of criteria, as well as information about the curriculum and student life gleaned from our conversations with R0ss MBA students, alumni, faculty and school administrators.

The guide will be useful for applicants at any stage of the admissions process; if you’re determining whether to apply to this program, incorporating in-depth information into your application, preparing for an interview, or even deciding whether to attend, the Ross school guide will deliver the information you need.

The best application reflects a thorough understanding of the school to which you are applying.  The Clear Admit School Guide to Ross synthesizes information from the school itself, as well as the scholarly and popular presses, to enable you to develop a thoughtful, highly tailored application to Ross’ program.

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