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Clear Admit is a leading provider of MBA admissions advice and digital content. Founded by Wharton MBA graduates with extensive experience  in business school admissions and consulting, Clear Admit has been cited by The Economist, Google, and leading industry associations like the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) as a superb resource for business school applicants.

Clear Admit is dedicated to providing our readers with the latest business school news and strategic advice on the most effective way to present themselves as they seek admission to the leading business schools. We teach readers to identify and communicate their strengths to business school admissions officers through each step of the application process. In doing so, our aim is to democratize the admissions process and help aspiring MBAs determine which program would best meet their needs and decide which schools are the most appropriate and realistic for a given applicant in light of his or her background and objectives.

The term “Clear Admit” is not simply a corporate name – it is an insider term that is used in admissions offices around the world. A ‘Clear Admit’ is a candidate who ‘walks on water’, putting together the perfect file from all standpoints and eliminating any concerns an admissions officer might have, while at the same time showing an extra spark that indicates a high potential for future contribution to the institution. Each admissions cycle only sees a handful of these candidates, but our goal is to push our readers towards this ‘Clear Admit’ status and dramatically increase their chances of admission to a top-level program.