Interview Guides

Beyond their review of a candidate’s written application, MBA admissions committees use the interview to get a sense of the person behind the file, seeking to understand the choices the applicant has made to date, as well as his or her reasons for seeking an MBA. The schools also use the interview to gauge the applicant’s “fit” with their cultures and offerings. Most programs consider an in-person interview to be an essential data point in making this determination.

The Clear Admit Interview Guides are designed to provide school-specific insight and strategic advice to help applicants ace their admissions interviews. Based on our years of MBA admissions experience and our work with hundreds of applicants to the leading programs, each Clear Admit Interview Guide contains the information candidates need to ace an interview, including:

  • School-specific strategy
  • Evaluation of how the adcom weighs the interview
  • First-hand interview accounts
  • A comprehensive list of sample questions consistently asked
  • In-depth analysis of the most popular questions by that particular program
  • Detailed information on planning a campus visit

What’s more, every Clear Admit Interview Guide includes our General Interview Guide, a rich source of advice on how to be successful in the MBA interview process.

We are hard at work on our School Guides and Interview Guides for this upcoming admissions cycle. If you have purchased a Clear Admit School Guide or Interview Guide after May 1, 2016, you will receive an updated 2016-2017 guide when they are released. Stay tuned! And, good luck!

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