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Fuqua School of Business – Duke University

The Fuqua School of Business in Durham, North Carolina is the business school of Duke University. Fuqua is noted for its strong healthcare education, and the emphasis it places on teamwork among its MBA students. Along with other postgraduate offerings in business, Fuqua provides students four routes to completing the MBA: the full-time MBA, cross-continent MBA, Global Executive MBA and Weekend Executive MBA.

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Fuqua employs over 130 full-time faculty members across nine academic areas of concentration. They also contribute to Fuqua’s eight research centers, which include the Fuqua/Coach K Center on Leadership and Ethics, the Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship and the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, among others.

The school’s guiding concept is “Team Fuqua,” and the academic environment of the MBA program certainly mirrors this cooperative, team-based mentality. Fuqua’s MBA classes of close to 450 students are divided into six sections, and students are further placed into learning teams of five to six peers during the first-year Integrated Leadership Experience (ILE). These study groups work together to complete assignments throughout the core curriculum.

Fuqua’s pre-term and orientation schedule begins in July. An optional Math Review Course is offered in mid-July, and MBA students in the Health Sector Management program take a weeklong, for-credit class in July that has become known as HSM Bootcamp. A mandatory orientation period takes place over three days in the beginning of August. Classes commence the following week for first-year students with the Global Institute, a for-credit academic program that spans four weeks and introduces students to three core areas of global leadership: Leadership, Ethics, and Organizations; Global Institutions and Environments; and Consequential Leadership. Second-year students begin classes at the conclusion of the mandatory program, or sometime near the beginning of September.

Fuqua’s schedule is organized into four six-week terms per year, and classes do not meet on Wednesdays in order to provide students with a mid-week break. Full-time MBA students must earn a minimum of 79 credits to graduate, at least 44 of which are earned through electives, and maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher. In addition to completing 26 core credits, which can be earned through electives should students earn exemptions from core courses, students must complete Management Communication, Business Computer Applications and two ILEs. Ten courses comprise the core and, along with at least five electives, round out students’ first year at Fuqua. The means to core exemptions vary by course, though many can be earned based on a student’s undergraduate coursework or results on exams offered by Fuqua in July and August.

Students may also opt to focus their studies by undertaking up to two academic concentrations within 12 fields of study. Each concentration is comprised of six courses in total. Fuqua further offers two certificate programs, the Certificate of Academic Excellence in Finance and the Health Sector Management Certificate. In addition, second-year students can take their studies abroad through a variety of international study options. Fuqua’s Outgoing Exchange Programs (OEPs), for instance, can vary in length from a single short program to an entire semester or summer break. Meanwhile, Integrated Global Academic Travel Experience (GATE) courses give students the chance to spend six weeks studying a country or region in a three-credit elective course before traveling to that location for a little less than two weeks.

Other MBA Degree Options
Fuqua’s 22-month full-time MBA is the longest of its four programs, followed by its 19-month weekend executive MBA that uses Durham residencies and distance learning to help executives earn their management degrees on the weekends. The Cross Continent and Global Executive MBA programs are slightly shorter at 16 and 15 months respectively, and employ international residencies and distance learning to meet the needs of currently working professionals and executives. Fuqua also provides five joint degree options for full-time MBA students through other schools at Duke University and one dual degree in partnership with Seoul National University.

Concentrations at Fuqua

  • Decision Sciences
  • Leadership & Ethics
  • Energy & Environment
  • Energy Finance
  • Management
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Operations Management
  • Financial Analysis
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Strategy

Degree Offerings at Fuqua
Full-time MBA Programs

Daytime, Health Sector Management

Joint & Dual Degree Programs
Doctor of Medicine, Juris Doctor, Master of Environmental Management, Master of Forestry, Master of Public Policy, Master of Science in Nursing, Master of Management Studies

Part-Time MBA Program
Cross Continent

Executive MBA
Global Executive, Weekend

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Clubs, Conferences & Competitions
MBA students matriculating at Fuqua have 93 student organizations and clubs to choose from and are encouraged to create organizations that match their interests. The Duke MBA Association, or MBAA, is the student governing body for these organizations. Fuqua offers activity, professional, diversity, and section-related clubs, such as the MBA Energy Club, the Marketing Club and the Asian Business Club. In addition, many students and faculty, staff and community members meet informally at the student center each Friday for food and conversation at “Fuqua Fridays.”

Fuqua’s student clubs sponsor many conferences and events, ranging from the lauded Heath Care Conference—Fuqua’s largest conference—to the MBA Games, which have engaged top business schools in charitable competitions and supported Special Olympics North Carolina for over 20 years. Hosted by the Black and Latino MBA Organization or BLMBAO, the yearly BLMBAO Leadership Conference addresses topics of business leadership through panels and discussions. The Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Conference, meanwhile, offers perspectives on developments in entrepreneurship across several industries.

Campus Spaces
Fuqua lies within the West Campus of Duke University. The cornerstone of Fuqua’s campus is the Fox Student Center, which joins the main wings of the school while also providing living spaces such as dining centers and an indoor winter garden. Fuqua’s most recently constructed building is Breeden Hall, which opened its doors in 2008 and includes class and meeting rooms as well as the Ford Library and MBA admissions offices. The school does note the limited availability of on-campus graduate housing options provided by the university. Most MBA students live in the greater Durham area, and those accepted to Fuqua can access Duke’s Community Housing Office for guidance in securing accommodations.

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Career Services
Fuqua’s Career Management Center serves students and alumni through a variety of career resources, including on-campus, regional and virtual workshops as well as on-campus recruiting options. Many of the staff members at the center specialize in different regions, functions and industries and also in advising students of Fuqua’s different MBA programs. The online Recruit@Duke service allows recruiters to directly post openings for Fuqua students in a centralized database of upcoming events and job fairs, employer profiles and more. Fuqua students can also contribute to a Résumé Book compiled by the Career Management Center. On-campus interviews for second-year students formally begin in early October, though networking nights and corporate presentations begin in mid-September.

Career Statistics
Of the 402 graduates in the Class of 2014 seeking employment, 87% had received job offers by commencement, and 94% had received offers by three months out. The mean reported salary was $114,109 with a mean signing bonus of $28,536. In both industry and function, consulting was the top draw for 2014 Fuqua graduates; 34% of the class took on that function, while 30% entered the industry directly. The next most popular industry for Fuqua graduates was technology services at 20%, followed by finance and health at 17% and 9% respectively. By function, financial services followed consulting, at 24%, and 21% of students entered marketing functions, with a further 16% taking on general management roles.

Twenty four percent of Class of 2014 graduates who work in the U.S. accepted positions in the Northeast. The South drew 20% of U.S.-bound graduates, and the Mid-Atlantic region hired 12%. In total, 86% of graduates chose to remain in the U.S. for their post-MBA roles, while the rest accepted positions across the globe.

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The Class Profile
Fuqua’s typical class numbers 437 students who averaged 5 years of work experience and 29 years of age at the time of matriculation. The class’s 80% range of GMAT scores spanned from 640 to 740, while the 80% range for undergraduate GPAs was 3.0 to 3.83. Thirty-three percent of first-year students are women, and 22% identify as minorities. Thirty-six percent of the student body lived internationally at the time of application. A total of 14% of the class hail from the Southwest/West region of the U.S., and the Northeast contributes the highest percentage of students at 18%.

On average, roughly one third of a Fuqua class pursued undergraduate majors in the Business & Accounting, Engineering & Natural Sciences, and just under one third sought Economics or Liberal Arts degrees.

Application Procedures
Those interested in the Fuqua MBA program can submit an application in an early action pool or during any of Fuqua’s three other application rounds. The submission deadline for Early Action (EA) students occurs in late September, and applicants learn of their admissions status by late October. Upon acceptance, EA applicants must withdraw their bids to all other programs.

Fuqua requires applicants to submit its online application form, a one-page résumé, essays, and GMAT or GRE results, though GMAT scores are strongly preferred. Two letters of recommendation are also required, along with official academic transcripts, an application fee of $225, and TOEFL, PTE or IELTS scores, if applicable. Applicants can qualify for the Duke MBA Application Fee Reduction Program through various avenues, including student recommendations or by attending a qualifying campus visit or event. After a brief open on-campus interview period from mid-September to mid-October, admissions interviews are offered by invitation only both on campus and abroad.

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Tuition for Fuqua’s daytime MBA costs $60,600 for the 2015-2016 academic year. Fuqua estimates that first-year students of the Class of 2017 will pay $85,764 in total to attend the program for a year, parsing out the cost to include $18,108 in living expenses and $7,056 in fees, insurance and supplies. The latter cost is factored in for first-years only; the estimated yearly cost for second-years is $86,998 due to the one-time costs incurred by first-year students.

Fuqua automatically considers applicants for its range of merit-based scholarships. U.S. citizens and permanent residents can also finance the cost of their MBA through considered for aid.

Finally, international applicants can apply for international student loan programs to gain financial assistance without a co-signer.

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Fuqua’s Round 2 deadline has passed.  Mid decision release date is by February 4, 2016.  Final decisions are scheduled to be released on March 15, 2016.

Fuqua’s Early Action deadline has passed and  decisions have been released.  The first deposit deadline was December 2, 2015

Fuqua’s Round 1 deadline has also passed.  Final decision notifications were scheduled to be sent by midnight, December 17, 2015, and were sent on time.  The first deposit deadline for Round 1 candidates is February 12, 2016.




80% GMAT RANGE640-750
80% GPA RANGE3.0 - 3.83

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