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Cambridge Judge Business School

Cambridge Judge Business School

Cambridge Judge Business School is located on Cambridge University’s campus in the heart of Cambridge, England, which is less than an hour’s train ride from London. Judge offers a number of degree options to its students, including the MBA and Executive MBA. Highlights of Judge’s MBA program include its condensed timeline of just one year, its dedication to international diversity, and its unique curriculum that gives students additional learning opportunities in the form of seminars, consulting projects and workshops.

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The Cambridge Judge Round 3 Deadline is on January 9, 2015.

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Interview Reports


Cambridge Judge MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 2 / Faculty / On-Campus

The following Cambridge Judge MBA admissions interview report was provided by a recent applicant:  Cambridge always puts on a good show for the...


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The interviewer asked me: 1. To walk him through my resume. 2. Why MBA? Why Now? 3. Why cambridge? What’s something you like? 4. If you had one...


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The questions asked were easy and normal. It went on for around 30 minutes or so. 1. Walk me through your resume 2. What are your career goals? Why...


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I was eager apply to Judge primarily because of three factors: 1. The program: With three consulting projects and one year less to spare the program...